Friday, November 02, 2012

2012-11-02 Friday - Closer to a Home

Good morning from Good Sam in CCTX. Got up straight up at 5am. The exterminators are coming to the shelter today so I have to have everything off the floor and on the bed and in the locker. 
The are re-showing Real Steel the movie with Hugh Jackman. I saw it the other night here at the coffee house and they are re-showing it for the ones that missed it. 
Here's the update. It's been a while since I blogged. People have come and gone. I've gone from a deep depression and bad anxiety to walk the line of maintaining. 
For me it's just a prevailing sadness that I have to fight like sinking in quicksand. The more you fight it, the more you sink so it takes just easing through it to survive. 
I like this movie. There's a father/son relationship that's gone wrong. A used up, broken down robot no one believed in and a victory that wasn't absolute. 
I've been working very hard at fixing my life, health, mental health, and just my situation.
In the past days, I have gotten my flu shot, fixed my addy on my voter registration and voted, gotten an appointment with Nueces County for assistance, gotten food stamps, gone to Catholic Charities and gotten a name to call, registered with TWC as a job-seeker, gotten a job that hasn't started...yet, working on disability forms, applied for a free cell phone, public housing forms, and am looking around at places to iive. I have a month to find a place to live and get my dogs from the Humane Society. Much to do. Sometimes, I get hopeless. I have about $3 left. They provide me with a bus pass here to see the doctor. Today, I get to go to Spohn Memorial to pick up my meds. Then I will return to make calls on Skype. I get to sleep late tomorrow. Sunday - TADA! - I get to see my pups. So,
I will get going. I am okay. Sending positive vibes to the folks on the East Coast. Those storms could easily come this way. I need to cal my surgeon to see if my procedure was approved and when it's scheduled.
Ya'll have a good day and remember to appreciate all that you have. For some, a good day is coming to the homeless shelter's coffee house, sharing in the camaraderie, and watching an action flick like Real Steel. I have lots more to write but, it will have to wait til this weekend.A


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