Tuesday, October 09, 2012

2012-109-28 Last Days in Port A

Saturday started normal enough.  The dogs did fairly well during the night, but I allowed myself to sleep a little longer and they had a few accidents.  I cleaned them up before the family got up so I thought I was okay.  I took the boys for a walk.  Gawd, they love thier walks.  It was good sleeping weather and I was struggling to wake up.  There had been a storm overnight complete with thunder and lightning.  The dogs were scared by the thunder and were agitated.  They had been agitated since we started staying here.  My cousin likes to think of himself as easy going, but, I beg to differ.  
Now, I don't want anyone to think I am not grateful.  He and his wife let me stay here when I had no where else to go.  I even tho I appled at Subway they day Moby Dick's ended on Labor Day, I didn't start til the following week.  So, my pay was totally off schedule.  Not that the manager cared.  She was out for herself only.  I asked her when my payday was.  She said September 28th.  Perfect, Great.  I can move out and get a place.  Then on September 28th, nobody got paid.  She gave me a bad date.  My plans had gone all to hell.  
I was scheduled to work at 12pm the next day, but my cousin had other plans.  He said his wife had woken up shaking because my dogs were squabbling and she had awoken shaking.  She had seen them squabble times before, so to me this landed on the absurd side of the fence.  They really were just scared as we hadn't had thunder in months and it scared them being on the second floor.  He was rabid.  He screamed at me.  Accused me of denial as to my dogs barking.  I wasn't. He had complete control over my life at that time and in fighting to win the argument, I was shut him down.  I was also at the point where I had had it with his presumption that he was Cesar Milan II.  He had even said he could kill my dogs and he would "feel no remorse".  It was at that point that my protective mechanism kicked in and I had to go.  He screamed he would pay for a hotel room but he couldn't see his wife go thru that again.  I said fine.  He called my sister, Clara, and was bellowing all his sore points with me and my dogs.  When he was done, I told him I heard everything he said.  He sarcastically said, "Yes, that was Clara.  She's coming to pick your ass up",  I started packing.  I didn't take but 15 minutes as I had only basic stuff with me.
When she and her husband got there, she said she was just dropping off some money to help me out and hadn't planned on taking me anywhere.  Interesting.  So, since we had nothing planned.  I took a room at the Captain's Quarters.  Nice, big rooms.  
After getting caught in another storm on my bike coming back from Dairy Queen, the dogs and I fell into a very deep sleep and didn't wake up until 2 hours before check out.  I had called the first shelters on a list given to me, and there were no openings and they didn't take dogs at all.  Everybody was unyielding. I wanted out of Port A badly.  It felt like I would die if I stayed there any longer.  The dogs slept most of the time.  They had been under sto much stress while we stayed there.  They hated my dogs and the boys could feel it.
Jenny picked me up and went to CC.  After much driving, we found that Leopard didn't have the cheapest motels in town anymore.  We settled for the Airport Xpress  as we ran out of time before Abel had to get to work.  
It was run by East Indians.  It was a smoking room and they had perfumed it with this wretched, sick, sweet scent.  It was hard for me to breathe.  That night I called Papa John's and had a small pizza I shared with my dogs.  They get the crust.  We watched TV, took our walks, and slept.  Since it was Sunday, nothing could be done to plan for a place to stay, so I stayed another day.  I looked in the phone book for dog fostering and rescue and found Ms. Dunlap's number.  She was swell and told me to call Mr. Denny Bales or Dr. Bywaters at the Gulf Coast Humane Society.  I gave information to the receptionist and explained my desperate situation.  I was starting to give up when Ms. Robin, the VP for the GCHS, called me back to say Dr. Bywaters had agreed to keep them there til I got a place, on my feet.  I burst out crying in gratitude and left a couple of messages of joy, which I think may've been mistaken for despair.  I had spoken with Brian of the Good Samaritan Shelter who had explained there weren't any kennels available.  The accepted dogs, but no kennels were available.  
I called him for more information such as how big are the lockers, how much for a night, etc.  
I packed up that Monday, and Jenny, once again, saved my bacon.  I was sad as we drove to the South Side with 3 chihuahuas in hour laps.  We drove up and I surrendered my most precious companions.  We drove away and I was in shock.  Our next stop was for me to eat.  We did the drive-thru at Bill Miller for some chicken.  Ate in a parkiing lot.  We drove up to Good Sam's.  We unloaded my stuff.  I always have too much stuff.,  I checked in.  In their kindness, I was assigned a lower bunk because of the arthritis in my spine.  I noticed my lock was too big, so with my stuff un guarded, I practically ran to the Gen Dol 5 blocks down Staples and got a smaller lock.  I locked my stuff and slept for hours.  I slept like the dead.  
They told me not to just stay in my room and sleep.  I ignored them.  I was tired.  Months and months of mental fatigue and having to face my worst fear of becoming homeless.  Of not having my dogs.  I missed them already.  It was now Tuesday.  Wednesday, after my orientation, I called people.  I called for eye care assistance from St. Marks.  I called Teresa, the lady that helps me from Community Services.  I told her  my sad story.  I decided I was exhausted and spent most of Wednesday, in bed and on Facebook.  Thursday, I sent to Spohn Memorial and renewed my medical card and refilled my meds.  It took most of the day. Friday, I went to the Dr. and they decided I still had to see a specialist for the tumor on my earlobe.  I got my flu shot.  I came back frustrated that I still had that damn tumor on my earlobe.  Saturday, I slept late and organized my locker. Tried to download the Avengers, a Joss Whedon movie, but couldn't do it.  Not enuf RAM or something.  And I will copy and paste my previous postings on FB and move them here when time allows for it.  They are having orientation here in a few minutes so I have to unhook my stuff and git.  


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