Friday, October 19, 2012

2012-10-18 HG Loses Her Mind

Earlier that afternoon, HG was freaking because she thought she lost a necklace that contained her father's ashes.  Crying and generally losing her shit.  After calling the bus people and retracing her steps, she looked in her locker and guess what, it was there.  Now, she was deliriously happy.  Oh Joy.  
A little bit later, she ran back in and motioned frantically for me to remove my headset.  So, I did.  Well, it seems one of the loves of her life was staying here at the same shelter.  She was already involved with another resident of the shelter. Girl can pick 'em, huh?   
The New Girl (NG) came in with the woman who had confronted me about my arms.  I backed out of the picture and stared folding some of my clothes when the Woman comes and asks me if I wanted a hug.  WHAT?! I said.  She asked again if I wanted a hug so that I would feel better.  I said NO.  I don't want to hug you.  She She said it would make me feel better.  I almost told her a right hook into her face would fill me with delight, I said no it wouldn't and that I was fine.  It was hard to contain the desire to punch her lights out.  She left and I went back to my movie. 
HG didn't know what to do.  She didn't realize how much she loved Marvin upon seeing him.  Blah, Blah, Blah.  I was growing tired of this constant roller coaster ride of manic depression.  I have my own issues you know?  She found a new victim to talk to in the new girl.  And then she left the room.  The new girl left to meet up with her husband and I happily returned to my show on Hulu.
I had unplugged everything after watching an episode of Supernatural on Hulu. I fell asleep.  Betty also was already asleep when the new girl burst in with staff her face flushed red in anger.  What I could barely make-out was that HG had rummaged thru her stuff and now her license, social security card, and ATM card were gone.  Oh man.  I was awake now and just stayed in my bed and watched the circus unfold.  Staff and the new girl stripped her bed and gathered her stuff while New Girl who got here by riding the freight rails, ranted and raged.  Gathering it all, they found another bunk for her.  Then HG came in and we were all awake now and really sick of all this drama.  She had to tell us her version of the story and my conclusion is that HG is back on the stuff.  Her behavior is manic.  
When I woke up, I saw her head bob up from a storage container she uses as a table.  I've only seen heads bob like that when they are snorting something.  I have to proof, but she bounced out of bed like she was without gravitiy, walking on the moon.
I got dressed and ate breakfast, had coffee, and caught a bus to go get my last check from Subway.  I'm sick and tired of these people, management that resembles prison personnel more than staff at a shelter, crazy people that talk to themselves, the smell of weed in the alley, rules for some and not all.  I just want out.  This afternoon when I get back I've made a list, a plan of things I can get done while I'm out this while.  I want a home.  I want my dogs.  I am ready.    


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