Tuesday, October 16, 2012

2012-10-09 Tuesday Early

Good morning from the Good Sam shelter.  Sitting at the Good Sam Coffee House trying to wake up.  I woke up congested with a raw throat.  Ugh. The coffee is good but they have the heaters on and the layers I put on, have come off.  I walked out of the shelter hearing another guest complaining about another guest that had open sores and was scratching them.  Oh yea.  Great way to wake up.
The dorm gremlin was busy over night.  I couldn't find my lock. I looked everywhere and it was in a bag.  It's never in a bag. I found a miniscule baby bed bug on my hand when I sat up.  It was overkill but I smashed it with my chancla and then stomped on it.  It was smaller than a flea and light brown.   I'm cranky today.  
The girl who works the coffee shop, oh wait, she's in her 40's, \ giggles and says right to anything you say.  I cringe.  "Right?"  Arghhh!  
Today, I have an eye exam courtesy of St. Mark's Episcopal. I have to take the Bus 24 to the Greenwood Wally World.  
I was lucky to get a check for my exam before funds ran out.  Nice lady Jill Johnson at the church took care of me.  It took 2 buses and a short cab ride to get there.  Total $10 taxi fare to keep the wind off me and not aggravate my ankles.  
After I did all that on the very South part of town, I took a bus to turn in my application for a job.  I didn't have far to walk and got to go thru a Goodwill Store.  They had some interesting stuff, and I spent $5 for a duffle which in the end is storing my t-shirts and shorts.  If I have to leave fast, I can now be out in minutes.  
My next hassle this morning is that they don't allow backpacks or anything other than a purse in the coffee  shop.  I put my paperwork, in a plastic zip up binder and after asking, found they would not let me bring it to the coffee shop.  So, I emptied it all and put everything in my purse.  There.  That was allowable. 
Oh look.  The gay faction is representing.  Three color coordinated, neatly groomed men  are sipping coffee.  I listen for the dialect and yes, they are speaking "gay".  Before I get hate email, I have many, many gay friends and they even have a name for a woman such as myself with an abundance of gay men   friends.  
After the eye exam, I have to go to the eyeglass place to get my glasses.  
Happy Birthday to Mami and John Lennon.  October 9th.  This date always stirs deep emotions I will be dealing with all day.  
Damn!  No pasties left.  They were serving what an acquaintance here, ( nice young man named Bryan) called green eggs and ham.  Those are the eggs that taste fishy to me.  I think I'll skip breakfast.  
My appointment is at 2:30pm, so I think I'll surf the Net for jobs and do a little laundry before I go there today.  
I look around the place and just about everybody is scratching. Yuck.  I will have the creepy crawlees all day now.  Oh, Lawd, they are starting the Donald Duck talk 
While I was waiting for one of the buses yesterday, I saw Luis had called.  Island Tom wants us to play at Mustang Fest in Port A Saturday from 11 to 2pm.  He offers $20 for Jenny to bring me.  I call Jenny.  I will pitch in $10.  She can do it.  I call Luis back and after a short phone tag, get to talk to him.  Well, good, a gig.  We haven't practiced, but I think we'll do okay.
So, I have something to look forward to plus a little money for the shelter.  


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