Monday, October 08, 2012

2012-10-08 Monday Morning

Good Monday Morning to You!  I'm at Taqueria Garibaldi enjoying an order of avocado wrapped by hot off the grill tortillas and a cup of coffee and glass of ice water.  I've been up since 5am.  
It's in the 60's this morning and the general topic of the day is that it's cold.  It's perfect to me.  I was awakened by a much put out Betty who was exclaiming it was a helluva way to wake up.  It seems she awoke to the site of Linda pulling bed bugs off her person and her blouse.  OhHellNO!  I really believe Linda needs to be in a retirement center where she will be cared for and made to bathe.  I have only found 3 bedbugs on mt bunk in as many days..  I usually scream and with a karate scream beat at it with my chancla.  Then I put my chancla on and stomp on it til I'm satisfied I have killed it.
Today, after I complete an application for a job my community services lady wants me to try, I will go and get the voucher for an eye exam and then drop off the application.  That will prolly take all day.  Once at the shelter, I have to do laundry. 
Clara gave me a fabulous back-pack yesterday.  Way better than the one I got at the Gen Dol store.  I rearranged my stuff again and I almost have every thiug in some kinda container which makes me one pretty organized cookie. 
Yesterday, Clara, Clarrissa, and I went to the GCHS to visit "da boys".  That's my 3 chihuahuas they are keeping for me til I get  on my feet.  God, I missed them so much.  They were their usual loving selves and we had a nice visit filled with doggie baby talk, kisses, and sneak attack face licking by da boys.  They are such sweet dogs.  Viggo is in love with Clara.  Just climbed up on her lap and stared at her with the eyes of a doggie in love.  Gomez and Papi Chulo made sure to make time to poop and mark as much territory as they could.  The looked so happy,. My resolve to get us all a home is reinforced doubly now.  I long for a home where I can be on the furniture without fear of catching bugs or disease.  That sounds elitist and stuck-up, but well, it is a reality.
Clara ran me thru the Bill Miller Drive Thru.  I was jones-ing for some fried chicken.  And it was awesome.   
When I returned, I found there was no private place to eat it, so I had to eat it on the patio.. Sure enough a "GUEST" asked me if he could have what I couldn't finish.  I couldn't really relax and enjoy it.  Now, these people get 3 square meals a day.  And, if they want, and there's any left, can get seconds.  Yet, this man was asking for my leftovers.  What was really embarrassing is that I ate it all.  There were no left overs.  He looked pissed off.  But my experience is, once you because once your become known as a soft touch, you will be hit up for money, food, hygiene stuff, just everything.  So, I keep to myself.
When I had to find a smaller lock for my locker, it was unlocked for all of about an hour as I ran down to the Gen Dol.  When I got back, most of the little hotel soaps, shampoos, conditioners, etc. had already been lifted.  Damn.  I wanted to use those up while I was in the shelter.  Now, someone else is.  S'okay.  They must've needed it and soap is replaceable and cheap enough.
Okay...time to put on the jams and fill out the application and plan my route to the church with the voucher for my eye exam. 
Ya'll have a good-day. Take care of your health.  You don't want to end up like Linda.  


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