Saturday, October 06, 2012

2012-10-05 Can I have a little drama with that please?

Can I Have A Little Drama With This, Please?

Saturday and Sunday are late wake-ups at Good Sam's.  You can sleep in.  From before the sun rose, I could hear the ladies in animated discussion.  They were all talking about Linda.  
Linda was the dorm-mate not in the room.  I just went back to sleep since it was a discussion I'd already heard too many times since my stay started.  When they stopped, I put my chanclas on and grabbed my TP and made a pit-stop.  Came back and again, went to sleep.  
By the time I woke u around 10am, the discussion was ablaze like a forest fire.  "She stinks".  "She's nasty". "She doesn't bathe". "She has bed-bug nests under her bed".  "She's a hyperchondriac".  And there was just an abundance of bad energy about Linda.  I just got there.  I don't know.  I have bare said 2 words beyond "good morning" to her.  There were plenty of phrases saying they were going to file a report and talk to the Big Buy.  My experience told me it was a lot of bitchery and no one was going to do anything.  
Jennifer, Bunk 5 above me, was accompanied by one of the staff guys and she was grabbing her stuff and stripping her bed.  They were going to heat treat her stuff as she says she was bitten up by bed bugs all night.  I have been lucky.  I seem to be spared except for the mental torture for me because of the roach infested RV in Port A.  
So, Jennifer was moved out and Mark came into the room.  We engaged in computer small talk about my keyboard and teeny laptop.  He they sprayed Jennifer's bunk and covered every inch.  I dusted my bunk with baby power. I old Betty sez (she's a few years younger than me, but looks 10 years older) it works, then I will try it.  
They Linda came in with another staff guy and they took ALL her clothes and bedding to get heat treated in the high temp dryer. My opinion is she prolly needs tgo stay at an old folks home so someone can care for her, but, what do I know.  
I had lunch at the shelter.  It was soup.  The kind of soup you make where you put everything in it that will go bad soon like pasta, potatos, small weenies, some kinda beef, and whatever.  I ate it.  What the hell.  It's all carby, but I can't be ungrateful.  I am thankful for everyday and every meal and don't want my energy turning negative like I see all around me.  I felt like I should leave the shelter.  So, I took off to find an eatery where I could have coffee, a table, and 2 plugs.
I am at Garibaldi's tacos on Staples.  It is an amazing, old building.  Bars on the windows and doors, and some mighty old wood.  I can only wonder how this building fared during all those hurricanes of years past. After patroling the inside perimeter, one set of plugs was under the TV and there were some muchachos watching football.  I found some plugs on Table 13, but it was an 8 top.  No one was sitting there or sat there the whole time I was there, but I was moved to Table 36 where there was a plug took up one socket.  So when their backs were turned, I unplugged the damn thing and plugged in my wifi modem. And started to recount the morning so I can then clear email, plan my week, call Clara about maybe seeing the dogs tomorrow, and again, rearrange my locker.  I'm thru my clothes again.  I'm going to see what I can part with and keep decreasing my duds til I have just the basics.  That's my goal.  To end up with less than I came in with.  Well, chili con queso was too watery.  The coffee was ok.  And I should break down and head back to face the rest of the day.  I downloaded Avengers last night and have to watch it by today and fit a shower in.  It's Saturday night so expect the place to be almost empty.  Hard to imagine, but there are many budding romances in the shelter.  Women bragging that their man will soon get out of prison.  Bragging like they were graduating college.  It's a different world here.  I'll post more later.