Tuesday, October 16, 2012

2012-10-16 Deadlines

Good morning from the Good Sam Coffee House.  I've been awake since 4:50am.  Ugh.  There is no TV, music, radio, nothing to ease us into the day.  So much has happened.  
Heroin Girl has returned and tho she's a drama queen fiercely in love with her Latino BF, she's been okay to me.  Betty, twisted her body and her knee failed to follow so her knee-bone "popped" and she's been in horrible pain, but working everyday.  Linda, is still breeding bedbugs and was delighted she was going to get her pain pills.  Funny, I thought she was already on pain pills.  Upper bunk girl is sometimes there, sometimes not.  She never moved into her locker, so don't know if she's left.  
Linda (didn't wake me up) but Heroin Girl said she threw up in the room's trash can in the middle of the night.  When HG complained, she simply put the trash can outside our door in the hall for the odiferous enjoyment of the poor women sleeping on mattresses on the floor in the main room.  It's probably still out there.  ewwwwww
Anyway, Crack Girl has not been seen at the Good Sam  since last Thursday.  She left her laptop  and a lot of her clothes.  She allegedly got a job but when someone came looking for her and was told where she was allegedly working, reports she was not there.  So, she has been evicted.  They are gathering her things allegedly, today.  This is good because HG and CG do not get along at all.
They kicked a guy out yesterday for fighting.  They took it to the end of the block, but, failed to cross the street into non-Good Sam property, so, they were on property and got evicted.  
Fifteen people were evicted yesterday for non-payment.  
They will be tearing down the 60 year old complex in December or January, so I think they may be evicting people so there are less to handle when the time comes for everyone to go.  
I went yesterday to get my surgery voucher and my card was still in pending status.  It's been back and forth on the phone between the specialist's staff and Dr. B's staff, and the Memorial Hospital staff for a year. Wednesday, I'm supposed to see the ENT doctor.  I don't know why, the ear is fine, It's the tumor on the earlobe driving me crazy.
I will check and see if it's all straightened out.  
Yesterday, I finally got my glasses.  This bifocal thing is da bomb.  So, I am seeing the world in a clear new way.  
I did 3 loads of laundry yesterday.  I've been here 10 days.  That's not so bad, me thinks, for 10 days.  
Today, I will pick up my voucher for the surgery tomorrow and spend the day at the workforce commission updating my resume and checking out the job options.  
I need to get a job ASAP.  I have one more check coming from Subway and it will be a small one.  
I've got to get out of here.  This feeling grows everyday.  
I broke out in red, itchy bumps in my forearms.  It could be from anything.  So, it's benedryl and itch creme for me. 
Well, I better bounce on outa here.  I have much to do today since not I can see.  Here come the tests, interviews, and hopefully a job very soon.  I have all I need to survive here.  I'm on the lookout for a small  rolling case for the unpacked portion of my laundry.  Wish me luck on the job hunt.  I need my pups and a home to prevent a depression episode.  


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