Monday, September 17, 2012

Monday All Over

Monday - worked at new job. Was scheduled from 10 to 5. GM was there and instructed Mgr payroll was high. I worked from 10 to 1pm. I cannot live on the hours they have allotted me. So, I have another interview tomorrow for less hours but more pay. Please pray for me. I need all the positive reinforcement if I am ever to have my own home again. My goal is to move to a hotel on a temp basis not this Fri but next. As long as employees meet their needs, employers rarely care if they meet emplyees needs. In a way I'm glad. If I get the job tomorrow, I'll just keep this job, too. Wish me luck at the Dr.s Wed. I am getting the tumor on the back of my ear checked out. I don't know why they don't just cut it off. It's obvious it has to be done but the debate has gone on over a year.

My dogs have been undergoing intensive training due to the lack of training I failed to give them.  They are doing great considering they have been traumatized by having to leave their home of 4 years and now have a totally new schedule.   They go thru separation anxiety now that I have to leave them in a different place than what they called home.  They, now, tho, get walked upon waking, when I get home from work, and before bedtime.  I leave a peepeeteepee up for them to use overnight and are much improved on the nocturnal urinary deposits on my cousin's floor. 

I haven't had any gigs in a whle now.  It's just as well.  I don't feel like singing.  Getting thrown out and insulted at the porous roach trailer was traumatic for me as well.  All the sores from the roach bites have healed.  My scalp condition has healed.  All that hasn't healed is the ugly spider bite some say is a brown recluse and some say no, it's a brown widow.  My breathing is worse as well from the black mold living in the closet from a water leak no one seemed to know about.  I was also poisoned by the massive weapons of roach destruction I put out every day.  Roach hotels, borax, Sevin Dust, contact spray, gels, bombs (four at one time this one day), and good old-fashioned fly swatters.  One more week in the hell-hole and I was going to lose my mind.  I lost most of my belongings due to the infestation.  Most of my clothes, shoes, all my CDs, DVDs, toaster oven, rotisserie, coffee maker, TV, computer printer, paperwork, it may as well have been a fire.  And I saw them putting more bombs out and when I went and peaked, there WERE STILL ROACHES EVERYWHERE.  My landlord spent not a penny to deal with it. 
When the water heater broke, the toilet broke, there was a water leak, and all those roaches, he simply had me leave.  I was caught up on rent, but was behind on utilities.  But I feel I was a pawn in some scheme I know nothing about.  So...
Now, I crash on my cousin's couch at a great inconvenience to him, his wife, and his daughter and her kids.  My chihuahuas bark too much.  They still have accidents tho are much inproved.  Even tho it is a place I am grateful to have to stay, I am never at ease.  It is not my home.  I want my home.  Most of what little that's left is in storage and I want a home.  I want everything "mine" in the same place. 
I have a goal.  Not this Friday, but next. Not this FRIDAY, but next and it seems to be never getting here. 
So, that's all for now.  There's more to tell, but I have to get back to my cousin's to walk my doggies.  They are trying so hard.  I am, too.


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