Monday, January 17, 2011

I had a dream about Beach and Station Street Grill this morning

I was up all night jacking with my laptop because I was gifted by a virus.  I fixed it myself.  Didn't have to pay a dime.  Yay!

So, after I got dinner (croissant, bacon, egg, cheese, and a carton of milk), I fell asleep at about 8am.  It was quite chilly, so I feel asleep with my blanket of chihuahuas.  

I dreamt of Beach and Station St Grill.  I was visiting.  Don't know why and my visit revolved around me baking chocolate chip cookies for everyone.  There was a buzz of activity as everyone there was helping fix the place up.  They were remodeling.  It was about twice as big as it is now.  Alison, Erin, Les (a musician friend from Dallas), and a little boy, slender with darkish hair, about age 6 or 7).

Behind the front, where the grill and dishwashing station was, there was emptiness except for a silver chrome restaurant worktable.  People were painting.  I was running around like an idiot looking for a mixing bowl and cookie ingredients.  

The place had been repainted.  Where the ice machine and beer cooler, and autoclave are, there were now 2 over stuffed couches pushed up against the wall.  The bar was gone.  

People hustling and bustling.  At one point the little boy was helping me find the ingredients and bowls, etc.  At one point, I pulled out a silver ring and asked him if he liked it.  He said yes, so I gave it to him.  This is something my friends know about me.  I have been know to at different times, pull movies, clothes, CDs, jewelry, whatever, ask someone if they like it and then give it to them.  It's one of those weird things about me.

He seemed pleased and put the ring on.  We eventually gave up and just did hanging out and little bits of helping.

My friend, Les, was there.  He looked awful.  Now, I did watch Angel (the vampire with a soul) before i fell asleep so understand why he looked like Angel after Angel had been buried undersea for 3 months.  But he was bitter and angry.  A damaged soul.  I didn't even want to talk to him.

Alison was happy and commandeering the whole thing.  Erin was there helping.  There was a feeling of happiness in the air.  A room full of sunshine with many nice people working and helping.

The little boy and I were useless as we puttered and joked and hung out.  

That's all I remember.  Maybe it will continue tonight or I'll remember more later...  It was a long helluva dream.  I know this place like the back of my hand and it was weird to see it at twice the size and repainted in lighter colors. I recall there was more light coming into the place.  

The bar was gone.  That part makes me sad because it's a bar that has survived several hurricanes, as has the whole place.  

So, one of the last times I had a dream so vivid, I dreamt of my trip to NYC.  I dreamed everybody I met there and even dreamt the color of paint in my cousin's apartment.

So, time will tell.  That's why I'm blogging this.  I love this place and think of those people as family.  Alisan and I share a date of birth.  Not the year, I'm older, but the date.  

Stay tuned.


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