Sunday, January 02, 2011

Here we are, The Second Day of the Year

My hours are still all turned around.   I sleep during Prime Time and am awake all night.  I look up at the clock and somehow it's 4am.  Today, will be filled with mundane housework and perhaps a trip by bike to the Post Office.  I am drinking iced raspberry Earl Grey (sounds good, huh?) and then I'll make enuf eggs for me and the boys and head out before the sun goes completely dark and the Island drunks hit the street with their 2000 lb weapons of singular destruction.  I am starting to blog again.  That was my New Year's thang.  I need to chronicle everything that happened last year and how it got me to "here".  I also resolved to take no prisoners and not hold my feelings inside.  Now, if lines are crossed, an eminent rebuff will result.  As peacefully as possible, but nevertheless.  Okay.  I'll write more later.  I have more to post on the tweekers and then I'll let that go until they do something again.  Wait til the book comes out.  Also have to write about the whole conga debacle.


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