Friday, December 31, 2010

Is That So?

What I personally would like to share is a lesson I had to learn with the help of my cousin Joe, and my friend Joanne. Joe in general. Joanne specifically with this story. I was to be around some tweekers filled with hate because I fired their little friend. I almost smothered in the testosterone. It was almost lethal. What a stench. They bragged. They lied. They turned up the volume on the PA. I can only surmise they confuse playing loud with manhood. Sad. They provoked me. They dirtied my laptop and smeared their slimy hands on the screen. Instead of calling me to turn off the intermission music, they unplugged everything and all the batteries died. I stayed nice. Listened to their lies. If I said I knew over 500 songs the tweeker would say he knew 2000. And so it went. I loaned him a guitar cable. He didn't even thank me and left it thrown on the ground. Still I stayed quiet. While they went to their vehicle to do illegal drugs, I continued singing. They showed up an hour late. I was there to help at this event from 10am to 11pm. The tweeker kept leaving that he had to deliver pizzas. Would show up and sing. Then leave on another alleged pizza delivery. I survived the day. Exhausted but feeling good that I kept my mouth shut and let them tell everybody they were straight while they talked like a tweeker, walked like a tweeker. How do I know? I suffered in my marriage from being married to a tweeker. It's a road that goes nowhere. So in the morning I called the Pizza Place. I talked to a woman that works there and no one by that tweeker's name worked there and wasn't hired because it was obvious to all he was a tweeker. These Zen stories of wisdom helped me that day and night. The one I practiced that day was "is that so". There is more but that will be in the book. there's lot's more....
Another thing I learned that day, you can learn far more by keeping your mouth shut. I kept my focus and will soon have a gig I loved back. They were out in their car doing drugs. Who was the decide.