Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sitting here broken hearted...

Well, not broken hearted. Just tired. So much has happened. I'll just take it up from today.
Today I was awakened by the rain. Yes, rain. It hasn't rained here in a week and before that in forever. I got dressed and found the necessary paperwork to go do my thing in CC.
the FlexiB picked me up at 7:30am and I was the only passenger. We quietly made our way under cloudy skies and humidity down the road to nowhere in to Corpus. Joe (he lookes like Frodo) dropped me off at the North Side Clinic where I picked up my prescriptions. I immediately went to the bus stop and waited about 30 minutes for my bus.
Bus finally came. I got on and it was pretty full and ended up sharing my seat with a nice black older lady. We shared little mundane jokes and she got off soon after I boarded. We ended up at the Staples Station where my next bus arrived unually quickly. Yea. I boarded and made a comment to the apprently hard-of-hearing man next to me that the bus smelled like a diaper.
I saw this thin man trying to be quiet and sneaky as he checked on his very full urine cathetar bag. I felt bad about my diaper statement. Why don't I think before I open my mouth? We rode and there was the usual chatter among all the riders that knew each other. We were there before we knew it and as we unboarded, I noticed the urine bag man was emptying his bag right by where we were walking. I gotta say I was grossed out. It was rather full and there was just all this piss right where we walked. Great.
I waited and met this man at the soft drink machine who had both arms in soft casts. He bought a juice and I opened it for him. I bought a sugar free green tea and sat down to enjoy this pretty mufh flavorless brew. He proceeded to tell me how he fell off his roof 13 ft and was lucky to be alive. I tried to share my story, but, he was just interested in tellimg me his. Okay. I'll listen.
When he felt I wasn't attentive enuf, I really didn't care to hear more, frankly. He didn't say anything and just left. That was fine cuz by that time my name was called and I had my meeting with a nice young woman who I'm sure had heard it all. I mostly stayed quiet and answered yes or no or produced paper. I was approved for another 6 months. Good thing cuz I can't afford to be a diabetic and no job in this county seems to pay enuf or provide benefits. I don't know what I'd do without the Christus people.
So, once approved, I then had to get my strips and needles for my Byetta pens. You take a number. You wait some more. They call your number. They take your script and tell you to wait some more sitting with all these sick people. Finally they call your name and you take your stuff and get out as quickly as you can.
I was excited about getting my strips for my BG meter. I was setting my machine up when bam. Some jack-ass knudges me on my back and the little thingee you stick in the bottom to code your meter snapped and broke inside my meter. I wanted to punch this person. But they smiled sweetly like a village idiot and I had to compose myself even tho I was very pissed off. I made 2 trips into CC by little bus, sat thru 8 hours or diabetes classes which provided obselete and sometimes incorrect information (I am ain informed diabetic - okay prolly annoying diabetic if your running the class), I returned yet again today to pick up the strips, I braved bad weather, the sun, getting off early from work, and losing 2 days to exhaustion to get this damn meter and in an instant, the village idiot had broken it. hen smiled as if that would make it okay. Sometimes being stupid isn't so forgivable.
I called the Diabetes Center who gently told me to call the number on the back of the meter, I did, and they are replacing the broken one and I"ll get it by mail.
This was only about noon by now.
I made my way to Walmart on the 24 bus and once there raced to get what I needed. I have discovered those bags you pack and suck the air out of to store clothes. Genius. I had already tried 2 and they are marvelous. I bought 6 more. I got some pre-treat pet stain spray, bacon, 2 beach mats, cotton balls, Mr. Clean, blue Dawn to bath the dogs, peanur butter, strawberry jam, a bike lock, and a copper eye pencil. I raced back to the bus stop with all this crap on my back like a pack donkey. This is why these trips exhaust me. I've tried to find a rollee thingee to carry all this stuff but can't find one.
I shared the bus bench with 2 annoying men who were feeding the rats in the sky - the seagulls who eat anything and crap everywhere. One of them, but black older dude walked to the Walmart so he could pee on the wall there as they other older Latino dude was so amused that he fed a seagull a piece of alka selzter and poinsoned it. Nice people.
I was ready to come home. Finally the bus came. It dropped me off at the Port Ayers Station. I caught my next bus the 31 and it took me to La Palmera Mall. I went to Spencers and bought their last size large blue leggings, and walked on out to wait for my Port A bus. I waiting in the sun (why don't they put these benches in the shade?) for about a 1/2 hour when Joe showed up and I was the only passenger until the HEB in Flour Bluff, then the Seaside Middle School Academy where we picked up Marshall and then we were on our way home. I got home and munched and collapsed until it was time to get ready for work. It was hard to sleep. The phone kept ringing, texts kept coming, the dogs wanted attention, I would start cleaning everytime I got up to go pee.
One interesting message came from Jo. The con woman who cost me my job, was back in town and working at the Pier at Barnacle Bills. So your wallets. She's back to take your money. More on that later. I'll try to be more diligent about writing...
Anyway, I got to work and Luis has an idea where maybe we can get a regular Thursay. That would nice, but I would believe anything until that check clears if you know what I mean. I'm tired.
I know I've lapsed. I'll get pix, too... later skaters....see you further up the road. This was today.


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