Friday, May 29, 2009

Motherless Little Baby Birds

Well, I'm here at work. It's just another night. Two guests take their dog to do her business for the last time that night. When they return they return with a report that Daisy, the dog, has found 2 little helpless babies. Two little birds barely feathered. So, I found a sand bucket that someone left here, crumpled newspaper, laid them in there and covered them with a hand towel. I've called the 2 numbers for the ARK (Animal Rehabilitation Keep) here in Port A and left a message with Tony Amos (local animal rescue hero). I hope they call me back. I can't keep them and am in no position to raise wildlife in my RV. They are too small to be seagulls, tho that's what I thought they were at first. I don't have a cam here so can't share a pic. Say a little prayer for them, will ya? That they make it to the wildlife rescue people as soon as possible. I get out of work here in another hour and will take them with me. Try to get them to drink some water. Try to get them to eat some canned cat food I bought the day before my cat decided to move on. She would sleep inside at night and hang outside by day. One day, she just didn't show up to be let in. And let's hope those people pick them up... I work 2 jobs and sing at gigs and with 3 chihuahuas have my hands very full, yet, I can't leave them out there for feral cats or snakes, or coyotes to eat. They are just little babies. Say a prayer! alma

Just got a call from Tony Amos (British accent - didn't know that), and he told me to bring them down to the ARK at 750 Channelview Drive. Yea!I'll be getting out of work at 8am and have to wait til 9am to get to the ARK cuz that's when someone will be there. I'm just glad these little guys will get a fighting chance! Oh man... I love this about Port A! I was afraid I would be stuck with them and watch them die! I'm so happy there's a place that I can take them to. If I had a car, I'd volunteer, but they are just a wee bit too far for me to walk or bike. What a great start to a day! Doing something good for some helpless little guys. I hope they make italmaPS Boy, I am such an Alcala/Loera thru and thru.... :-) alma

Well, Steve the Taxi Guy picked me up from the Aransas Princess around 8:30am and we stopped by Bilmores (the local old-town hardware store) so I could get some RV bathroom stuff (you don't wanna know) and made our way to the ARK. He dropped me off and I waited til 9am when someone was to be there. I walked around and looked at the animal enclosures. What a neat place. They had a big pen full of pelicans. They had another giant "cage" with about 4 owls who peeked at me suspiciously from under the shelter in their cage. They just stared at me with those giant eyes. They had an oyster reef surrounded by boardwalks with signs explaining the wildlife every few feet. White cranes and seagulls hovered over the water in the know that food would soon be there. It went quite a ways. It was a marvelous wonderland of animal love and care and I immediately wanted to be a part of that positiveness, but, well, right now I'm trying to meet some financial objectives and find myself either working or sleeping. My dogs aren't getting the attention I feel they should be getting. I can tell they miss me as we snuggle to sleep. Anyway, right at 9am, this gentleman, who gets to live here emerged from his home on very high stilts (it is within a few mere feet of the Lydia Ann Channel) with a bucket of something someone was gonna get to eat. A very tall blue heron appeared out of no where. Now, that's a pretty bird. I yoo-hoo'ed and I explained that I had left a message and Tony Amos called me back and told me to bring the babies on in. I asked him if that was a blue heron and he said, yes, that it was there for it's daily hand-out. The babies were not making much ruckus but did make a sort of purring sound and cuddled with each other under the hand towel. He took them and mentioned that it was hard when they were that little. He couldn't even tell what kind they were. I walked and talked with him as he made his way into an indoor enclosure that was filled with yet more cages which contained gulls, turtles, owls, and other birds I couldn't identify. I couldn't help but mention how much my niece, Clarrissa would've loved to see this. He said in the summer he brought his grandkids there and they loved it. He placed the babies in a proper container very carefully. It was obvious he had much experience in handling helpless birds.I left them there to wait for the lady that handled the birds. Called Steve the Taxi Guy and walked a ways up the street where I found a wooden box just the right size to sit on and waited for him. It was a beautiful overcast day. Very cool for the time of year and so I enjoyed waiting for Steve. I looked up and saw Tony Amos round the corner in a big truck and we waved good morning as the flash of his snow white hair went past. I got to see a different part of Port A. A very quiet part where there were mostly family homes in what would be proper neighborhoods. I swear...if I ever win the lotto.... Below is a link to 3 very recent articles written by Mr. Amos.

Steve drove me to Whataburger to pick up a burger breakfast, then home where I spent the rest of the day sleeping. Working overnight, breakfast becomes dinner, lunch can be just a snack, and everything becomes turned around. It makes it hell on this diabetic body where a regular schedule is a must, but, I will deal with that in due time. Whether the babies make it or not, I can sleep at night because I did what I could. All life has meaning, even tho a jerk at work said it was okay if they died because they were probably grackles anyway and not some endangered anything. I had to bite my tongue. All life has meaning. Well, except for a mosquito or a roach or a hardhead catfish or a jellyfish...but those things are hurtful to us people and things like birds and higher life forms should be saved. So, please say a little prayer for the little birds.... all life has meaning and they are so little.



At 11:26 PM , Blogger Tony said...

Alma, your name suits you.

Glenna raised three chicks like the two you found. It wasn't easy. But they grew feathers and ate and crapped everywhere and learned to fly from Glenna's out stretched arm. The turned into Aztec Doves and flew away but not before one of them, gone for days, came back and settled on her arm once then flew away for good.

As you do unto the least of you you have done unto (Him).

You should write a song about them.


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