Friday, April 10, 2009

Life can be so strange

Today is one of those days that I just walk around looking at everything in awe. I don't understand how I got to be here. Don't understand why I am beseiged by 'tards. I dunno. I started taking my diabetes meds and they've done something to my brain. I don't feel as happy as I used to. I'm tired all the time. Sad all the time now. Before I was medicated, I was losing weight. I've gained 5 lbs. I dunno. I know this will pass, but it helps to write it out. I'll read it when this has all passed and I'll feel silly for feeling this way, but now, I don't feel so great.
My computer is finally fixed. Now I just need the money to pay for it. My laptop is broken. Need the money for that. Bills are due. Need the money for that. Not that many gigs right now and someone I owe money to (that I fully intend to pay) has lost her mind. and I really don't want to consider her a friend anymore. She's messed up. She's lashed out because I don't have the money. It's a mess. I said some shitty things about her piece of shit BF and the moron forwarded the email to him. I didn't deny what I said. Why should I? Anyway...I have a few more things to do here at work before I can completely digress, so I'll get to them and then come back....laterz


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