Thursday, April 16, 2009

Another day in paradise and pirates in my life

Ah, well, here I am at work. I certainly have a whole lot of time to think. That's a good thing. I've been evaluating how this duo thing is going and the compatibility of my fellow musician. When I met him he had a strong work ethic and drive. Now, that we're working together I wonder where it went. I suspect he's growing old and soft. He has a girlfriend (sugar-momma) that staves the urgency of making money. All of a sudden everything can wait. I'm not gonna. After this weekend, I am going to set about booking myself as a solo come what may. I'm tired of his constant flirtation of doing gigs with his old band. Every gig he does with his old band is one he doesn't do with me. I'm tired of being patient. Tired of being tolerant. I have to look out for myself as it's obviious he's not thinking in terms of us as a group, a duo, a combo. He is thinking about what works for him and so, I will, too. He an do what he wants, I have to think for myself. I already have to cancel a gig I booked with my good name simply because now that he's gotten his financial support in hand, he feels it's not worth the trip, work, everything. So, I am taking the cue. i shall do the same. The summer's too short and he's dilly-dallying to the point of aggravation. I'm not made. This is a simple unemotional revelation. I'm not arguing. There is no discussion. I'm weary. EVERYTHING is his way or the highway. That sword cuts both ways. I have been awakened. My eyes are open. So I have written. So it shall be.
Today, I am going to CC for an eye exam and to find out how long I have before I go blind. I have diabetes you see and it is inevitable. I am under treatment again now, but I went for a year without treatment and I fear what damage has occurred in that time....we'll see.


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