Friday, January 30, 2009

Enrique Suave

When I arrived at work this morning, there were 2 guys refinishing the golden chrome (is there such a thing as golden chrome?) on the elevator doors. One of them is named'm calling him Enrique Suave. The first thing after I checked email and clocked in, after Luis left, was to organize the songbook to have all the songs in order from tomorrow's set list. I am not all ready for the gig at Cafe Calypso. Me? I'm very laid back and never have a set list, but now that I'm working with someone, find it's more efficient to have one.
I went on my property walk. It looks like the owls that live in the containment wall of the elevated pool are gone. I haven't seen them my past few walks. The babies were getting big already and I wouldn't be surprised if they already flew the coop. I kinda miss them already.
Now, I'm sitting here wondering how Scottie the Pirate is doing. He left, I heard, since his mom died to the PNW to settle the estate. I think his dad is still living but faring poorly so wonder how he's managing it all. We don't have a "thing" going, but I still worry about the guy. He sleeps on the beach and manages to think positively about it. I'm not that positive. Having to sleep on the beach in winter is a thing I couldn't put in a positive light.
Pee-ewe! The fumes of the chrome polish are kinda strong. My nose is running.
I have been applying for work with the work-at-home people I started to work for a coupla years ago. When I log off here, I'm going to continue the process. Between this job and that, and gigs, I should be okay.... maybe save up for a car somehow...
So, I'm off. If I think of anything else to say, I'll be back tonight....other than that, wish us well at Cafe Calypso tomorrow! It's gonna be spankin'!


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