Thursday, December 21, 2006

Rocking Chair on the Front Porch

I just decided that I need an old timey rocking chair for my front porch. I think it would just be too too cool to rock out and sip on a beer or doing something else while I decompress. I've really enjoyed just thinking about nothing and staring at the palm trees swaying in the breezes. I've enjoyed listening to the traffic as it chugs uphill on the Harbor Bridge. I've enjoyed seeing the flying sea rats (sea gulls) as they play and fly around looking for food.
Yup, an old timey wooden rocker I can hold Papi Chulo and rock to and fro. I can watch the sun set in the west as the sky by the sea darkens. I can watch the fog roll in and envelope North Beach in it's thick blanket. Yes, that's what I need... an old wooden rocker.


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