Thursday, October 19, 2006

Thursday - October 18, 2006

Hmmmm....I'm sleepy. The dogs were restless all night long. Maybe it's because a cool front blew in. They kept waking me up and the sheets were a mess. Bubba insists on burrowing under the sheets....not the covers, but the sheet on the futon. So, it's not unusual to wake up and have the sheets all off the corners and him hogging the sheet. Me, on a bare mattress waking up in a bad mood to see it's happened again.
Batman and Gomez almost had a fight. Batman thought he'd get the last "word" and after I helf Gomez out of reach of his little biting mouth, got nipped on my left elbow. Man, those little bites hurt like hell. I can see why Gomez just gets so mad. That Batman is a cabrĂ³n.
Work is slow today. I'll spend the bulk of it going in and out of my My Space account to see if I have any new "Friends". This has been such a hoot for me. I can count Willie Nelson, Madonna, Lindsey Buckingham, Moby, Aimee Mann, and other such cool people as my "friends".
It's my new toy.
The cool thing, too, is that I've made the acqaintance on-line of other struggling musicians like me from other parts of the world. It's like this global musician community. I like it. I feel ashamed to have said My Space is for losers in the past. I didn't know about this musicians thing they have going.
Well, I'll blog more later.... I guess I do have to do at least a little work. :-(


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