Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The Wedding Crashers

Starring - Owen Wilson (Dallas Boy), Vince Vaughan, Will Farrell, ***Christopher Walken***, Jane Seymour
What a funny movie to follow United 93 with. I sure needed the laughs. It's a goofy movie. Just GOOFY FUN! Christopher Walker, of course, was excellent. The man can do nothing half-ass. Vince Vaughan and those lips of his! Owen Wilson is cute in an ugly kind of way. Take his features apart and there's no hunk there. Put them together and he sure is a cutie-patootie. Will Farrell was bizarre as only he can be. A fun flick. A good one when you're bummed out after watching United 93 and a whole weekend of specials as a preamble to Monday, September 11, 2006. See it. It's fun. You will laugh.


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