Tuesday, September 12, 2006

United 93

Starring - No Big Named Stars

Wow...powerful. Sad. Proud. Scary. It moves very fast. It almost seems to be in real time. I can't imagine I'd be as brave as these fine souls. They were wise to not put any big named stars in this flick. It would detract. I saw the Path to 911 and Harvey Keitel was almost too big a star to be in something like that. United 93 had my blood pressure spiking. The whold 911 thing is something that resonates with me. I can't imagine that level of hatred existing in another human. I know for a fact now that it does, so that was my naivite screaming it's death cry you hear in your ears. That is my innocence dying on 911, too. Why? It all seems so pointless. Why? Because someone dares to live in a way that doesn't mesh with their life style/religious choices? It seems insane to me. It is insane.
This was a great movie. I cried at the end. Cried because it was sad. Cried because it was true. Cried.


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