Thursday, September 07, 2006

Thuhsday - September 7, 2006

Wow...didn't get sick! Yippee! I did swing by the Home Depot and buy another roll-up shade. While I watched George Lopez, I glue-gunned the burlap to it and hung it up. It looks so cute! I'm so proud of myself! Now, next payday, I'll get the last shade and I'll be done with the living room. I may do the kitchen and bedroom, even!

My warring chihuahuas had piped down like they always do after a big battle. They do love their backyard. I've never seen dogs enjoy their poopin' and peein' and patroling the fence.

I still had insomnia. Didn't sleep all that much. My shades work so well, when the alarm went off this morning, I thought it was the middle of the night.

So, tonight's my long day. When I get home, I'll repack a coupla more containers in preparation for the daybed space. I will move my new ironing board from the car to the house and get it ready for a mess-o-ironing this weekend. I'll cook up another mess of brown rice for me and the boys.

Yup, that's my exciting life. Ironing and laundry to look forward to.

Oh, I emailed Irene at the YinYanFandango/Tango Tea Room in the hopes of lining up a few future gigs. I'd love to sing there again now that it's not so hot. I hope they can give me a night to myself, too.

I'm expecting the last 2 DVDs of the last season of Six Feet Under. I think Nate died in the last DVD I saw. Oy...I hate that. I've come to love that character. I think David and Keith are the most normal couple of the show. I'm also expecting to get Wedding Crashers this weekend, too. I hope to tweak the new songs I sang last weekend.


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