Wednesday, September 06, 2006

New week....New attitude.....

Hola Blogaroonies! Yesterday was wonderful! A "cold" front made it's way down to this part of the world. It even rained a little. I can safely say, it never rains here. Well, it feels like never, anyway. It cooled off just fabulously. Dark clouds. I was going to swing by the Home Depot for another imitation bamboo window roll-up shade but went straight home instead.

This past weekend, I started conservatively by just doing one. I bought one of those shades and then went to Walmart to buy some fabric. The newer Walmart on the southside of CC sells fabrics! Who knew? So, I found a great parking space and made my way into the store. What a frigging nightmare!!! Whole families....I mean, whole families were shopping. Grandmas, Grandpas, moms, dads, kids...I'm surprised they didn't bring the family dog. It was like a Christmas crowd. I could barely maneuver my shopping wagon! Simple unbleached cotton was selling for over $5 a yard. I refuse to spend that much. I kept looking and found some texturally appealing burlap in an neutralish dark greenish color. I bought 3 2 yard sections. Clever me...I did this so that I wouldn't have to cut it up myself. When I got home, as I watched Two and a Half Men, I found my glue gun and started at the top. I glued the burlap to the inside side of the roll-up shade. Hot diggidee! It looks pretty good! I'm so proud of myself. I blocks out the suns's rays and is not transparent from the outside. It looks good! It got me to thinking and I've decided to try to get a daybed instead of a futon. A daybed won't take up as much room in that little "cottage". Anywho...

I was gonna go buy another shade, but since it was raining, I just went home and started cooking.

I rotisseried some chicken wings and cooked up 6 cups of brown rice. Yum. I survive on frozen dinners, frozen veggies, brown rice, and chicken wings. Simple. I just need to cut down on the bread and extracurricular sweets and sodas, and I should alter my appearance markedly. I need to strengthen my will-power for all those spreads and excuses to eat they have here at work.

Yesterday, was bad on the seahuahua front. Batman and Gomez are at it again. Gomez is the uber alpha dog. Has to eat first, eat most, get treats first, get cuddles first, etc. Batman, turned 2 last March. He's growing up and coming into his own. The problem is, he's an alpha, too. These 2 go at it incessantly. I wish I could get help from the Dog Whisperer, Cesar Milan. Gomez is constantly trying to keep Batman down. Batman has had enuf of this and so now is challenging Gomez's alpha dog status. Last night, they got into the worst fight yet. Usually, it's Gomez posturing and "talking trash" to Batman. But at times, it does deteriorate into a dog fight.

Gomez had bite marks all over his body. Once I broke them up and grabbed Gomez by his harness and held him up over my head, the fighting stopped. Batman was still jumping about 3 feet in the air trying to grab onto Gomez, but I held him high out of reach. I had to take Gomez into the tub and rinse the dog spit and blood (not gushing blood) off of him. Then I cuddled him as he wrapped up in a towel for about an hour. Then he burrowed under the covers and slept all night pressed against my thighs and gut. I don't think he can help himself. He accepts me as his alpha, but Batman just gets to him. So, once Gomez is under the covers, Batman spends all night finding "his place" to sleep. They all sleep with me. It makes me feel peaceful to have them sleep with me.

Wonder of Wonders, my neighbor, Jesse, finally finished my back yard. He'd been telling me he was gonna finish it for FIVE weeks now. Now, the seahuahuas have a back yard. I've been taking them out there to do their business since it became available to us again. Monday, they went out there and had a blast just a peein' and poopin' and running against the fence. I have to be out there with them. The first month we lived there, I let them out as I brushed my teeth in the kitchen (the bathroom sink drain isn't connected to the plumbing). I heard them barking and stood in the door as a baby hawk flew back and forth across the yard. It was a baby, tho already quite big. It almost brushed my face with it's wings a few times. I thought of catching it, but figured those talons could tear me up pretty good and decided against it. Then it hit me...where was Mama Hawk? Now, my original 4 seahuahuas are a minimum of 10 lbs each. Still, some ambitious hungry hawk might be tempted to try to snag one of them. Those talons could hurt my boys bad so I called the gang inside. It's good to have my backyard back.

The Black Dawg was curious and came up to the fence. Seahuahuas are notorious for prefering their own kind. They barked up such a ferocious storm, they scared my gentle giant. What a sight. Today, he came to check out the commotion again, they barked at him, but I hope in time, they will get used to him and maybe even make friends while I live there. It will make things easier on future cold winter nights when the wind off the sea makes it too cold for the big boy outside.

After I ate dinner, I gave some brown rice to the seahuahuas. They loved it! They couldn't get enuf! They ate about 4 cups of it! Their belly's were full of rice last night! It's good for them, so I feel good about it.

I found a new place to shop. The Family Thrift Center on Ayers. I bought a blouse and 2 denim dresses for a whole $7!!!! Next time, I'm gonna focus on Indian fabric and hippy clothes. I'm gonna decorate the sea shack in "hippy". Since I've lost almost everything, I have to start from scratch again. So, I am going to haunt the Goodwill Stores. I remember one thing about CC, they have the best Goodwill Stores! You can find some really cool stuff.

Today, after work, I have my first session with Zeus, my trainer. He's such a cutie patootie! He's gonna show me how to work all machines in the Glasscock. He's gonna come up with a plan for me. I want to focus on my gut and my arms. My Tia Minnie tells me it's genetic. She's got "large" arms. Great.

Well, I better get to work. I guess they do expect me to do actual work here.

Have yourselves and hippy, dippy, happy day.


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