Friday, September 08, 2006

I'm on MySpace now...

Love it or hate it, I'm on there now. Above is my URL if you're curious. Since I am my own promoter, I have to write all my promo. I hate it, but, it's gotta be done. I have to pretend I'm promoting someone else. I try to remember all those nice things people have told me and try to put those things in there.
I remember the people at Awesomenet (when I worked there) saying that MySpace is for losers. I guess, I'm a loser! :-)
It seems that booking people are now using it as a handy tool to review talent. Smart, I say. So, anyway, that's why I did it. I'm between having websites, so this is a cheap (well, free actually) way to do it.

Check me out. I'm on MySpace.


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