Friday, September 01, 2006

Giveth and Taketh Away

Well, one of the managers here has a side Waffle Business and from time to time he brings in his waffle makers, butter, syrups and treat us to waffles. I had one. I confess. I know that's so bad of me but it was wonderful. Crispy where it should be crispy, piping hot and so delish. I didn't go crazy with the syups or butter. It was bad enuf I had one.
So, at 10:25am I walked over to the Glasscock Center to work it off a little. Somebody was using the exercycle I'm used to, so I found another bike in the other room. This one was terribly uncomfortable in the seat area. Hated it. I then found the treadmill and tried it. I ended up walking at a very brisk rate for 18 MINUTES! Then I walked over to the UC to get a moderately healthy lunch of fried catfish, green beans, wild and brown rice, and a wheat roll, and a Diet Dr Pepper.
In all, I walked for about 30 minutes as the UC is not close by. So, I don't feel so bad. I'm trying.
Tomorrow, I will come by the school here and try to up my walking/cycling to 30 minutes. My bodies starting to feel the changes. I could feel it metabolizing til about 1pm!!
I will go home, take a nap, take a bath, do my gig and go home and get some sleep.


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