Friday, September 08, 2006

Friday - So far so good today....

Hola Blogaroonies!
Well, I've made contact with the House of Rock guy that does the bookings for the Brewster Street Ice House. I had to set up a MySpace account, download some of my songs, and do a bio thingee. I guess I'll invite folks to be "my friend" sometime next week.
So far, so good... all I've had to eat today are - 2 poached eggs, 2 slices wheat toast, one GIANT iced coffee, about 1/2 cup tuna salad, 1 scooped out tomato, 1 Diet Dr Pepper. Pretty good, huh?
See! I'm getting better. It's gonna take a little time, but I will turn it around. I keep wondering if there's any birthday cake left over from yesterday, but so far, I've been strong.
Yesterday, I was all a twitter when I got 3 DVDs from Blockbuster. You see, I'm wrapping up the final season of Six Feet Under and at the end of DVD3, Nate had mumbled and slurred that his left arm felt numb and fell to the ground! I love Nate! My ex is a jerk, but Nate so reminds me of those things that I did love about him. Did. Past tense. Mostly the physical things. :-) Anyway, after I let the boys outside to take care of their business, I popped the DVD in only to find that (damn it!) it was #3 again! They stuck #3 in a #4 envelope! Doesn't anybody care about quality, accuracy anymore! Damn! I also got #5, but can't watch it until I see #4. Damn! Damn! Damn! I also got the Wedding Crashers, but that's a weekend kinda flick. I'll see that tonight.
So, I popped in my copy of The Prophesy. You know... that one with a gorgeious Eric Stoltz, a marvelous Christopher Walken, a gorgeous Viggo Mortensen! I love this one. It's one of my forever favorites. I fell to sleep with Christopher Walken gently shoving people to their death. He is the Angel of Death, you see. The best Lucifer ever is Viggo Mortensen in this flick. The best ever.
Well, that's my life these days. An even more pressing obsession with food and movies and working on getting gigs.


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