Friday, September 01, 2006

Friday - Joe's time again and thinking healthier

Well, I prolly wouldn't deserve gold stars, but I'm more conscious of how my body moves and what I put in it. I'm working on will-power. The power to say no to some yummy piece of cake or donut that may be offered to me. That's my goal this coming week.

Maybe have salads for breakfast...I kicked the breakfast taco habit, I just need to take it to the next level. I was having a tremendously good breakfast taco every morning from the Laredo Taco Company at the Circle K outside school. This GIANT breakfast taco of usually chorizo and egg for 99 CENTS! Unbelievable. And believe you me, it was yum-yum goodilicious. This is the place of the best TexMex food IN THE WORLD. They make it here like no where else...the way it's supposed to be.

There's a place on Staples - Kikos I think - or maybe it's Everhart...You know how there's tortilla chips? Well, this place has taken it beyond. They offer fried FLOUR TORTILLA CHIPS. How genious is that? Taking something made of flour and lard and DEEP FRYING IT! Oh, don't get me wrong. They are DELICIOUS. It's just that they will put you on the fast track to the cardiac unit of Christus Spohn Hospital if you eat those all the time.

I switched to Cheerios and milk. Toast and orange marmalade. And some breakfast pastries from the frozen foods section at Walmart. Six for $1.78. Better financially, Better nutritionally. Better calorically. Oh, I will have my taco once in a while... but not everyday. I need to go to the health food store they have here called Sun Harvest and find my Eden soy milk.

Now, I have to work on all the goodies these people bring in to work to share. I am tracking what I eat and how I exercise on a little program on my Palm PDA. It is helping because I can see I'm eating twice as many calories as I should be. TWICE.

Still, Rome was not built in a day. I will not shrink and get stronger in a day. So, today, I will focus on not straying from my goals because everyone else is eating cake.


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