Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Diet (a four letter word) Status

Well, I've been good and I've been bad. I've been working out for about 30 minutes at a time 2-3 times a week. Yesterday, I had my first yoga class. Ohmygawd! I am hurting today. The instructor is a woman about 50ish. She is all muscle. Not one ounce of fat on her. She said to only do what we can. No problem. I am pathetic. No reach. Not limber. Too much fat baggage all over my body. Well, she certainly gives me a goal to strive for! I'm going to keep going. Eventually, my body may be able to approach a semblence of doing yoga. Until then, I will suffer thru it. I am feeling muscles I didn't know I had. I've never gotten so tired being so perfectly still. It's good.
As for the eating, I am good and bad then good then bad, etc. I am certainly a work in progress. I am trying to stick to stewed chicken or rotisseried chicken and brown rice with frozen veggies. Sounds good enuf, right? But I'm a sucker for sodas and sweets. Those are 2 things that have certainly presented challenges for me. Did ya know a Honey Bun has 420 calories!!!!
Breakfast is easier for me. I toast up 2 slices whole wheat bread and nuke 1 egg. That with coffee and I'm satisfied with breakfast.
I started to bring my home-made lunch of the above said chicken and rice. I go home and make that, too. Now, if I can just be strong and not eat the sweets or get a soda when my energy runs low. That's my challenge.


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