Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Black Dawg and his little friend, White Dog

Well, those butt-heads have done it again. Some totaly loser has dumped a little white pup at my house. He's starving. So much so that he can't even bear to wait for me to put the dog food down on the porch. I'll have to feed him as I look to find him a home. Black Dawg is also hungry these days. I think that my neighbor loser has hurt him or scared him somehow. He's scared to come to the porch to eat.
My neighbor won't get his pit bull female fixed. So, as nature takes over, male dogs do cruise around his house. I think that the Black Dawg did this and the loser, Jesse, hurt or scared off Black Dawg. That makes me so mad. I have worked and worked on getting him to trust me and come back so that he can eat. All the roaming he does on North Beach is dangerous to him. The Dog Catcher could get him at any point.
So, I will take some pix of the little white dog and maybe some better ones of the Black Dawg so I can get some ads up and try to find them a home. Poor dogs. Why do people do that!?!


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