Thursday, September 28, 2006

Tired Old Broad Lately

I've been very tired ever since my attempt at Yoga on Monday. I feel like I've been hit by a truck. I can't seem to get it all back together. Maybe I'm not ready for the regular Yoga class. Too bad they don't have a beginner's level. I really, really want to do the Yoga thing, but Monday about killed me. I will go back, but, right now, all I want to do is sleep.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Black Dawg and his little friend, White Dog

Well, those butt-heads have done it again. Some totaly loser has dumped a little white pup at my house. He's starving. So much so that he can't even bear to wait for me to put the dog food down on the porch. I'll have to feed him as I look to find him a home. Black Dawg is also hungry these days. I think that my neighbor loser has hurt him or scared him somehow. He's scared to come to the porch to eat.
My neighbor won't get his pit bull female fixed. So, as nature takes over, male dogs do cruise around his house. I think that the Black Dawg did this and the loser, Jesse, hurt or scared off Black Dawg. That makes me so mad. I have worked and worked on getting him to trust me and come back so that he can eat. All the roaming he does on North Beach is dangerous to him. The Dog Catcher could get him at any point.
So, I will take some pix of the little white dog and maybe some better ones of the Black Dawg so I can get some ads up and try to find them a home. Poor dogs. Why do people do that!?!

Diet (a four letter word) Status

Well, I've been good and I've been bad. I've been working out for about 30 minutes at a time 2-3 times a week. Yesterday, I had my first yoga class. Ohmygawd! I am hurting today. The instructor is a woman about 50ish. She is all muscle. Not one ounce of fat on her. She said to only do what we can. No problem. I am pathetic. No reach. Not limber. Too much fat baggage all over my body. Well, she certainly gives me a goal to strive for! I'm going to keep going. Eventually, my body may be able to approach a semblence of doing yoga. Until then, I will suffer thru it. I am feeling muscles I didn't know I had. I've never gotten so tired being so perfectly still. It's good.
As for the eating, I am good and bad then good then bad, etc. I am certainly a work in progress. I am trying to stick to stewed chicken or rotisseried chicken and brown rice with frozen veggies. Sounds good enuf, right? But I'm a sucker for sodas and sweets. Those are 2 things that have certainly presented challenges for me. Did ya know a Honey Bun has 420 calories!!!!
Breakfast is easier for me. I toast up 2 slices whole wheat bread and nuke 1 egg. That with coffee and I'm satisfied with breakfast.
I started to bring my home-made lunch of the above said chicken and rice. I go home and make that, too. Now, if I can just be strong and not eat the sweets or get a soda when my energy runs low. That's my challenge.

Dog Whisperer First Season DVD 2

Starring Cesar Milan

As usual, many useful hints for us dog-lovers. I think the dude is part dog. I'd be terrified to approach these huge dogs he turns into submissive pups. One episode featured the late Hal Wasserman and his little Maltese.

Glory Road

Starring Josh Lucas (based on a true story)

Takes place in the 60's in El Paso. Basketball. Racisim. Breaking new ground. Josh Lucas gets better looking in every movie to me. Great basketball action. It's funny to watch how they handled Northern kids adapting to the El Paso scene. Very good movie.


Starring Robin Williams

A fun movie. Typical Robin Williams double-entendres and rapid fire humor within a script. Good for the whole family. Got a few belly laughs and chuckles out of me.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Take the Lead

Starring Antonio Banderas, Alfre Woodard

I so loved this movie. And I loved it not just because it had Antonio Banderas, but because it was inspiring. It was based on a true story. It was set in NYC. It had ballroom dancing which I just love to watch. Banderas' charm oooooozes off the screen. It's good because he's "fo real". He can really dance. He is naturally gifted. I loved it. Would watch it again.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Speak "Pirate" Day! ayyyyy Matie!

Well, ya scurvy dog...ya best talk Pirate today or else I'll stick my peg leg far up your arse!

Try this site for some choice office Pirate phrases -

Dog Whisperer First Season DVD 3

Starring Cesar Milan, 1 story with Daisy Fuentes

Loved it! Learned so much and will implement what I learned to try to end the alpha dog wars I live with. Already took Gomez out to the Seawall and had a nice long walk. Used a chock collar. He did very well. His problem is not with me, but with Batman. Need to do more research. I have not shyed away from using choke collar inside the house to keep them from bickering. There is a long wait thru Blockbuster for the Season 1 DVDs so I guess that's why they started me with DVD3. This guy is part dog or something. It's spooky how much he understands the doggie psyche. Really enjoyed it.

Poseidon Adventure

Starring Kurt Russell, Josh Lucas

It was okay. Typical or rather stereotypical Irwin Allen master of disaster adventure flick. Predictable since I saw the first one. This is a remake. Josh Lucas is the best thing about this flick. It was a way to pass the afternoon.


Starring Jodie Foster

Dark. Not a Jodie fan, so didn't care what happened to her character. It's okay suspense wise. Could take it or leave it.

Broken Trail

Starring Robert Duval

Loved it! Beautiful eye-candy scenery out in the wild. Beautiful horses. Great not done before story. Long movie but goes fast. Really, really loved it! Treat yourself.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

My original works...

I am waiting for Irene at the YinYang Fandango's schedule to lighten up so that we can perhaps book a few dates. She's really busy at this time. I can respect that. The beauty of the YinYangFandango, is that John, one of the owners, is more interested in my original stuff that my covers. That is unusual. So, I have started dusting off my songs. I will probably do 1 hour of covers and then 1 hour of originals. I am looking forward to this. I hope you can come out for the show.

Six Feet Under - The Whole 5 years

Oh my Gawd. I finally finished watching the whole series. This has to be just about the best series on TV EVER. I loved all the characters. Felt bad for them when they were bad people. Felt so bad when bad things happened to them. The very last episode, the series finale was one of the best I've ever seen. I was so disappointed with the series finale to Invasion. So disappointed in the finale to Surface (I really like this one and was disppointed period that it was not renewed). I was not disappoited in the series finale for SFU. I really liked how they recreated the death of each character and then showed how time was passing and it ended with Clare's death in the year 2085. Very well done. I'm gonna miss that show. I thought the gay couple were the most normal people in the show. I liked how they adopted those 2 black boys with the bad family history. How noble. How fine. I liked how Clare with her artsy-fartsy snobbishness and total liberal political views falls for Ted, a Republican conservative who listened to pop music. As conservative as he was, he was the one she could lean on. Just Beautiful. I will miss this show.

The Wedding Crashers

Starring - Owen Wilson (Dallas Boy), Vince Vaughan, Will Farrell, ***Christopher Walken***, Jane Seymour
What a funny movie to follow United 93 with. I sure needed the laughs. It's a goofy movie. Just GOOFY FUN! Christopher Walker, of course, was excellent. The man can do nothing half-ass. Vince Vaughan and those lips of his! Owen Wilson is cute in an ugly kind of way. Take his features apart and there's no hunk there. Put them together and he sure is a cutie-patootie. Will Farrell was bizarre as only he can be. A fun flick. A good one when you're bummed out after watching United 93 and a whole weekend of specials as a preamble to Monday, September 11, 2006. See it. It's fun. You will laugh.

United 93

Starring - No Big Named Stars

Wow...powerful. Sad. Proud. Scary. It moves very fast. It almost seems to be in real time. I can't imagine I'd be as brave as these fine souls. They were wise to not put any big named stars in this flick. It would detract. I saw the Path to 911 and Harvey Keitel was almost too big a star to be in something like that. United 93 had my blood pressure spiking. The whold 911 thing is something that resonates with me. I can't imagine that level of hatred existing in another human. I know for a fact now that it does, so that was my naivite screaming it's death cry you hear in your ears. That is my innocence dying on 911, too. Why? It all seems so pointless. Why? Because someone dares to live in a way that doesn't mesh with their life style/religious choices? It seems insane to me. It is insane.
This was a great movie. I cried at the end. Cried because it was sad. Cried because it was true. Cried.

Friday, September 08, 2006

I'm on MySpace now...

Love it or hate it, I'm on there now. Above is my URL if you're curious. Since I am my own promoter, I have to write all my promo. I hate it, but, it's gotta be done. I have to pretend I'm promoting someone else. I try to remember all those nice things people have told me and try to put those things in there.
I remember the people at Awesomenet (when I worked there) saying that MySpace is for losers. I guess, I'm a loser! :-)
It seems that booking people are now using it as a handy tool to review talent. Smart, I say. So, anyway, that's why I did it. I'm between having websites, so this is a cheap (well, free actually) way to do it.

Check me out. I'm on MySpace.

V is for Vendetta

Starring - I forgot her name, I forgot the guy's name, too...some British people I'm not all that familiar with

This is one of those movies based on a comic book or something. My friend Chuck thought it sucked. I thought it was okay. It was very dramatic and since I'm totally unfamiliar with the comic, couldn't predict it. It was enjoyable, I guess. I almost forgot that I'd watched it. Nothing to write home about, this one....

Friday - So far so good today....

Hola Blogaroonies!
Well, I've made contact with the House of Rock guy that does the bookings for the Brewster Street Ice House. I had to set up a MySpace account, download some of my songs, and do a bio thingee. I guess I'll invite folks to be "my friend" sometime next week.
So far, so good... all I've had to eat today are - 2 poached eggs, 2 slices wheat toast, one GIANT iced coffee, about 1/2 cup tuna salad, 1 scooped out tomato, 1 Diet Dr Pepper. Pretty good, huh?
See! I'm getting better. It's gonna take a little time, but I will turn it around. I keep wondering if there's any birthday cake left over from yesterday, but so far, I've been strong.
Yesterday, I was all a twitter when I got 3 DVDs from Blockbuster. You see, I'm wrapping up the final season of Six Feet Under and at the end of DVD3, Nate had mumbled and slurred that his left arm felt numb and fell to the ground! I love Nate! My ex is a jerk, but Nate so reminds me of those things that I did love about him. Did. Past tense. Mostly the physical things. :-) Anyway, after I let the boys outside to take care of their business, I popped the DVD in only to find that (damn it!) it was #3 again! They stuck #3 in a #4 envelope! Doesn't anybody care about quality, accuracy anymore! Damn! I also got #5, but can't watch it until I see #4. Damn! Damn! Damn! I also got the Wedding Crashers, but that's a weekend kinda flick. I'll see that tonight.
So, I popped in my copy of The Prophesy. You know... that one with a gorgeious Eric Stoltz, a marvelous Christopher Walken, a gorgeous Viggo Mortensen! I love this one. It's one of my forever favorites. I fell to sleep with Christopher Walken gently shoving people to their death. He is the Angel of Death, you see. The best Lucifer ever is Viggo Mortensen in this flick. The best ever.
Well, that's my life these days. An even more pressing obsession with food and movies and working on getting gigs.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Yea me!

Today, after eating the September Birthdays Lasgna, bread, birthday cake, salad... I split this popcycle stand at 2:30PM and exercycled for 13 minutes at the Glasscock Center. Yea! I'm getting into better habits slowly...slowly...but surely. Normally, I woulda hated myself for eating that wonderful stuff. Although I didn't say no to it, I did do something about it later. Maybe, it was just a little, but it was something. In the very recent past, I woulda just felt guilty and filled with a profound sense of self-loathing and felt like a total loser. I feel proud that I'm taking baby steps to change my way of life. yea me.

Thuhsday - September 7, 2006

Wow...didn't get sick! Yippee! I did swing by the Home Depot and buy another roll-up shade. While I watched George Lopez, I glue-gunned the burlap to it and hung it up. It looks so cute! I'm so proud of myself! Now, next payday, I'll get the last shade and I'll be done with the living room. I may do the kitchen and bedroom, even!

My warring chihuahuas had piped down like they always do after a big battle. They do love their backyard. I've never seen dogs enjoy their poopin' and peein' and patroling the fence.

I still had insomnia. Didn't sleep all that much. My shades work so well, when the alarm went off this morning, I thought it was the middle of the night.

So, tonight's my long day. When I get home, I'll repack a coupla more containers in preparation for the daybed space. I will move my new ironing board from the car to the house and get it ready for a mess-o-ironing this weekend. I'll cook up another mess of brown rice for me and the boys.

Yup, that's my exciting life. Ironing and laundry to look forward to.

Oh, I emailed Irene at the YinYanFandango/Tango Tea Room in the hopes of lining up a few future gigs. I'd love to sing there again now that it's not so hot. I hope they can give me a night to myself, too.

I'm expecting the last 2 DVDs of the last season of Six Feet Under. I think Nate died in the last DVD I saw. Oy...I hate that. I've come to love that character. I think David and Keith are the most normal couple of the show. I'm also expecting to get Wedding Crashers this weekend, too. I hope to tweak the new songs I sang last weekend.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

hmmm..the best laid plans of mice and alma

Well, sometime during the day, my ears started popping and it feels like I'm coming down with an ear something or another. There are the stirrings of pain. So, I canceled my trainer session. I feel feverish now, too. My boss didn't come in. He called in sick. I hope he didn't generously pass on his bug...or whoever gave it to him gave it to me.
I'll be taking a gander at the President's Picnic in the common area outside my building here and then go home. Take some Benadryl, Aleve, eat some din and go to sleeep. Deeep Sleeeeep.

New week....New attitude.....

Hola Blogaroonies! Yesterday was wonderful! A "cold" front made it's way down to this part of the world. It even rained a little. I can safely say, it never rains here. Well, it feels like never, anyway. It cooled off just fabulously. Dark clouds. I was going to swing by the Home Depot for another imitation bamboo window roll-up shade but went straight home instead.

This past weekend, I started conservatively by just doing one. I bought one of those shades and then went to Walmart to buy some fabric. The newer Walmart on the southside of CC sells fabrics! Who knew? So, I found a great parking space and made my way into the store. What a frigging nightmare!!! Whole families....I mean, whole families were shopping. Grandmas, Grandpas, moms, dads, kids...I'm surprised they didn't bring the family dog. It was like a Christmas crowd. I could barely maneuver my shopping wagon! Simple unbleached cotton was selling for over $5 a yard. I refuse to spend that much. I kept looking and found some texturally appealing burlap in an neutralish dark greenish color. I bought 3 2 yard sections. Clever me...I did this so that I wouldn't have to cut it up myself. When I got home, as I watched Two and a Half Men, I found my glue gun and started at the top. I glued the burlap to the inside side of the roll-up shade. Hot diggidee! It looks pretty good! I'm so proud of myself. I blocks out the suns's rays and is not transparent from the outside. It looks good! It got me to thinking and I've decided to try to get a daybed instead of a futon. A daybed won't take up as much room in that little "cottage". Anywho...

I was gonna go buy another shade, but since it was raining, I just went home and started cooking.

I rotisseried some chicken wings and cooked up 6 cups of brown rice. Yum. I survive on frozen dinners, frozen veggies, brown rice, and chicken wings. Simple. I just need to cut down on the bread and extracurricular sweets and sodas, and I should alter my appearance markedly. I need to strengthen my will-power for all those spreads and excuses to eat they have here at work.

Yesterday, was bad on the seahuahua front. Batman and Gomez are at it again. Gomez is the uber alpha dog. Has to eat first, eat most, get treats first, get cuddles first, etc. Batman, turned 2 last March. He's growing up and coming into his own. The problem is, he's an alpha, too. These 2 go at it incessantly. I wish I could get help from the Dog Whisperer, Cesar Milan. Gomez is constantly trying to keep Batman down. Batman has had enuf of this and so now is challenging Gomez's alpha dog status. Last night, they got into the worst fight yet. Usually, it's Gomez posturing and "talking trash" to Batman. But at times, it does deteriorate into a dog fight.

Gomez had bite marks all over his body. Once I broke them up and grabbed Gomez by his harness and held him up over my head, the fighting stopped. Batman was still jumping about 3 feet in the air trying to grab onto Gomez, but I held him high out of reach. I had to take Gomez into the tub and rinse the dog spit and blood (not gushing blood) off of him. Then I cuddled him as he wrapped up in a towel for about an hour. Then he burrowed under the covers and slept all night pressed against my thighs and gut. I don't think he can help himself. He accepts me as his alpha, but Batman just gets to him. So, once Gomez is under the covers, Batman spends all night finding "his place" to sleep. They all sleep with me. It makes me feel peaceful to have them sleep with me.

Wonder of Wonders, my neighbor, Jesse, finally finished my back yard. He'd been telling me he was gonna finish it for FIVE weeks now. Now, the seahuahuas have a back yard. I've been taking them out there to do their business since it became available to us again. Monday, they went out there and had a blast just a peein' and poopin' and running against the fence. I have to be out there with them. The first month we lived there, I let them out as I brushed my teeth in the kitchen (the bathroom sink drain isn't connected to the plumbing). I heard them barking and stood in the door as a baby hawk flew back and forth across the yard. It was a baby, tho already quite big. It almost brushed my face with it's wings a few times. I thought of catching it, but figured those talons could tear me up pretty good and decided against it. Then it hit me...where was Mama Hawk? Now, my original 4 seahuahuas are a minimum of 10 lbs each. Still, some ambitious hungry hawk might be tempted to try to snag one of them. Those talons could hurt my boys bad so I called the gang inside. It's good to have my backyard back.

The Black Dawg was curious and came up to the fence. Seahuahuas are notorious for prefering their own kind. They barked up such a ferocious storm, they scared my gentle giant. What a sight. Today, he came to check out the commotion again, they barked at him, but I hope in time, they will get used to him and maybe even make friends while I live there. It will make things easier on future cold winter nights when the wind off the sea makes it too cold for the big boy outside.

After I ate dinner, I gave some brown rice to the seahuahuas. They loved it! They couldn't get enuf! They ate about 4 cups of it! Their belly's were full of rice last night! It's good for them, so I feel good about it.

I found a new place to shop. The Family Thrift Center on Ayers. I bought a blouse and 2 denim dresses for a whole $7!!!! Next time, I'm gonna focus on Indian fabric and hippy clothes. I'm gonna decorate the sea shack in "hippy". Since I've lost almost everything, I have to start from scratch again. So, I am going to haunt the Goodwill Stores. I remember one thing about CC, they have the best Goodwill Stores! You can find some really cool stuff.

Today, after work, I have my first session with Zeus, my trainer. He's such a cutie patootie! He's gonna show me how to work all machines in the Glasscock. He's gonna come up with a plan for me. I want to focus on my gut and my arms. My Tia Minnie tells me it's genetic. She's got "large" arms. Great.

Well, I better get to work. I guess they do expect me to do actual work here.

Have yourselves and hippy, dippy, happy day.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Giveth and Taketh Away

Well, one of the managers here has a side Waffle Business and from time to time he brings in his waffle makers, butter, syrups and treat us to waffles. I had one. I confess. I know that's so bad of me but it was wonderful. Crispy where it should be crispy, piping hot and so delish. I didn't go crazy with the syups or butter. It was bad enuf I had one.
So, at 10:25am I walked over to the Glasscock Center to work it off a little. Somebody was using the exercycle I'm used to, so I found another bike in the other room. This one was terribly uncomfortable in the seat area. Hated it. I then found the treadmill and tried it. I ended up walking at a very brisk rate for 18 MINUTES! Then I walked over to the UC to get a moderately healthy lunch of fried catfish, green beans, wild and brown rice, and a wheat roll, and a Diet Dr Pepper.
In all, I walked for about 30 minutes as the UC is not close by. So, I don't feel so bad. I'm trying.
Tomorrow, I will come by the school here and try to up my walking/cycling to 30 minutes. My bodies starting to feel the changes. I could feel it metabolizing til about 1pm!!
I will go home, take a nap, take a bath, do my gig and go home and get some sleep.

Friday - Joe's time again and thinking healthier

Well, I prolly wouldn't deserve gold stars, but I'm more conscious of how my body moves and what I put in it. I'm working on will-power. The power to say no to some yummy piece of cake or donut that may be offered to me. That's my goal this coming week.

Maybe have salads for breakfast...I kicked the breakfast taco habit, I just need to take it to the next level. I was having a tremendously good breakfast taco every morning from the Laredo Taco Company at the Circle K outside school. This GIANT breakfast taco of usually chorizo and egg for 99 CENTS! Unbelievable. And believe you me, it was yum-yum goodilicious. This is the place of the best TexMex food IN THE WORLD. They make it here like no where else...the way it's supposed to be.

There's a place on Staples - Kikos I think - or maybe it's Everhart...You know how there's tortilla chips? Well, this place has taken it beyond. They offer fried FLOUR TORTILLA CHIPS. How genious is that? Taking something made of flour and lard and DEEP FRYING IT! Oh, don't get me wrong. They are DELICIOUS. It's just that they will put you on the fast track to the cardiac unit of Christus Spohn Hospital if you eat those all the time.

I switched to Cheerios and milk. Toast and orange marmalade. And some breakfast pastries from the frozen foods section at Walmart. Six for $1.78. Better financially, Better nutritionally. Better calorically. Oh, I will have my taco once in a while... but not everyday. I need to go to the health food store they have here called Sun Harvest and find my Eden soy milk.

Now, I have to work on all the goodies these people bring in to work to share. I am tracking what I eat and how I exercise on a little program on my Palm PDA. It is helping because I can see I'm eating twice as many calories as I should be. TWICE.

Still, Rome was not built in a day. I will not shrink and get stronger in a day. So, today, I will focus on not straying from my goals because everyone else is eating cake.