Thursday, August 17, 2006

Thursday - It's beyond the Surface of the Sun - It's Hell!!!'s sure hot. This is supposed to be the big daddy of hot days. They say it will hit 100 degrees today.

Goldie still has not come home. BlackDawg is beside himself. I tried to spend some time with him last night, but the mosquitos were making a meal of me so I had to come inside.

I tried to watch more Six Feet Under but my poor little DVD player may be just about to die. Kaput. It takes longer now to make it work than to watch the movie.

Looks like the property I live on is for sale again. I saw the signs when I was hanging with the BlackDawg. Oy....I'll deal with that when it happens.

I read online that they are going to start to fix-up North Beach. Drainage. Sidewalks. Figures. I bet they sell my house just about the time it starts to get nice on North Beach. gawd....I can't wait to get back home to Dallas. I want to be smart and get my ducks in a row. I sure I don't have to rush my plan now.

Oy.... anyway, another day of drudgery. I've been crunching numbers ALL DAY. My brains are mush and I have to pee. There will come a point when I MUST break away. Til then I'll just squirm and hold it.


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