Thursday, August 24, 2006

Thursday August 24, 2006 another busy one

Hey...just a quick nod in to say that we're slammed at work. Unfortunately, at this time of my life, the only computer I have to work on is here at work. My FOUR computers at home just sit there. I don't have a regular phone line at home. I only use a cell phone at this time, so there's no point in hooking up my computers at home.

It's the second day of classes at the University. Procrastinators form long lines at the admissions offices, financial aid, and cashier stations. Not my area tho, my busy, busy time is in about 3 weeks when I start to bill all the agencies for the grants, scholarships, loans, etc. I am busy in billing for past semesters we've not recieved payment for. I'm working on invoices not paid in the Spring, Summer I, and Summer II 2006 terms. Gotta get them all cleared up before the Fall 2006 billing starts.

So, I'm plenty busy myself. I sometimes don't get to blog like I want to. I do make time to check on the job openings in Dallas tho... Things here are OK, but they are not as up to snuff on some of the billing procedures as much as I'd like and I already know if there's a "fall-guy", it will be me. Like my friend Chris usta say, you can be right all the way out the door.

Gawd, I miss her. Life is sure lonely and empty without my best friend. I feel like I don't have anyone I can truly trust to turn to. She was the smartest person I've known beside my mother. I miss her, too. Death sucks when you're left behind to mourn.

Anyway, no need in getting started on that. I'll just start crying and then my eyes will swell up and nothings comes from it anyway.

So, I'll end my break thusly. I'll get back to work. I work til 7pm tonight. Then, like every night this week, I'll drag my ass home to North Beach and collapse in exhaustion. I'm tired this week. Maybe it's a good thing I don't sing this Friday. I'll see if I can hook up one of my computers and burn some of my CDs.

I called about singing at Bayfest. It'll give me something to look forward to. I need to call the Yin Yang Fandango about maybe singing there after it cools down some outside. I refuse to sing outside in August anymore. It's a good way to get totally sick from the heat.

Anyway, it's so nice to see all these bright-eyed enthusiastic students at school. I love the energy they possess. It's amusing to me to see all these unshaven, flip-flop wearing, bushy haired, cut-off shorts surfer dude types. They think it's quite ok to go anywhere bare-footed. The college girls bouncing around the Business Office braless in their halter tops, mini skirts, tanned and also in flip-flops. Sunglasses perched on top of purple hair. This is the Island University, after all.

Ah, to be young again. I don't feel old unless I walk past a mirror.

Okay...there I go again. I'm getting back to work now.


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