Monday, August 21, 2006

REALLY Bad Mood - Yech!

Wow... I can't believe what a bad mood I'm in. I'm trying to shake it off, but I'm just in a terrible mood. Even tho I haven't snapped at anybody or bit anybody's head off, I just feel like I could. I feel like I could just breath fire if just the wrong words are said to me. I'm gonna try extra hard to lay low and just keep to myself. It's the smartest thing I can do when I feel like this. I don't even know what's brought it on.... it could be that I just hate being here in Corpus SO MUCH. I know I have to be smart and cowboy up and deal with it, but it's very, very hard.
I didn't help that Gomez got a wild hair and peed on my bed. I hate when he does that. It's like a mental defect with that little dog. It may help when I get a proper bed and don't sleep on a futon on the floor. I plan on buying a futon rack...I don't want to buy any furniture when I'm planning to move back to Dallas. I don't want to haul all that much when I finally go. I love my Gomez sooooo much, but he drives me crazy when he does that. He's so threatened by Batman it's insane. well, gotta scoot....more later


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