Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Papi Chulo eats weenies for first time in my Tribe

Ha...he was so cute. As a treat, I buy my dogs weenies. I buy 2 packs. One pack for the seahuahuas and one pack for the 2 remaining outside dogs.

The big dogs outside swallow the weenies whole. One big gulp and the weenie is gone.

The seahuahuas get them in smaller pieces. Now, I cut them in thirds and toss them at them. Batman, Bubba, Viggo are really, really good at catching them in the air. Gomez tries, but sometimes can't catch them but is really fast in chasing them down and making sure NOBODY gets his piece of weenie. Now, there's Papi Chulo. I cut his third of a weenie. He has to open mouth so totally wide, so completely open just to be able to grab his 1/3 weenie. It's hilarious. His eyes get so wide! Once he's got a firm grip, he hauls off to some secret place in the house I have yet to find and eats his weenie.

Ah, these are the little joys that make my day. I love to make my seahuahuas happy!


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