Wednesday, August 30, 2006

One more time with feeling....

Hey there Bloggeroonies! Sorry, I haven't blogged in a few days. I've been preoccupied.

Well, I signed up for the Wellness Program here at the University and I was accepted. Woohoo!

I went to our first introductory meeting Monday and am inspired! I was even assigned the cute-patootie trainer! His name is Zeus and he looks great! I mean, that's what we want, right? Some of the other trainers are fat. Now, before you say, well, so are you! Lemme just say that if I take piano lessons, the teacher better play piano better than me. So, apply that to trainers...if I want to get fit and lose weight, why would I want a trainer with a weight problem? Huh? Answer me that! But, no prob...I got the cutie.

Yesterday, I wanted to make a move in the "Git R Done" direction and after work, went to the Glasscock Fitness and Wellness Center and did a whole 12 minutes on the computerized exercycle. I am so proud. I actually accomplished this! I mentioned to the fit girl behind the counter that Wednesday was my eval and she advised me to drink lotsa water and get a good night's rest. I'm working on the water and well, I slept as good as this insomniac ever sleeps. I can't say I'm ready, but I'm as ready as I'll ever be.

So, today, a few minutes before I clock out, I'll change into shorts and my Dallas tatoo palour t-shirt and walk briskly to the Wellness Center.

I really want this to work. I have failed so many times. I want this to be the time I succeed. I'm not even setting a weight loss goal...I just want to make this a way of life and reap the benefits. Just do the best I can. That way, whatever I accomplish, it's all good.

So, I shall now go and eat my smelly tuna fish lunch and look forward to my eval with Zeus. Cool name, huh?

I've had such a negative existence for so many months now, I want this to be the positive thing that turns it all around. I will do my part. I'm tired of being mad. Tired of being sad. Tired of hating my existence and letting so many people have control over my life. This is something I can control.

So, hats off to me! I'll keep you posted on my progress.


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