Monday, August 14, 2006 in Buttville.....

Good Morning beautiful people! I hope you're well. I spent a very uneventfull weekend here at home. Just watching the toob....
Sunday morning, the big outside dogs, Goldie and Black Dawg were gone. I hope they turn up today, but their food and water was untouched on the porch. I'm very sad about this. I can't imagine what happened to them, but as trust absolutely no one, it could be anything. Someone may have poisoned them. Shot them. They're on the beach just having fun. Someone gave them a home. They got run over. It could be anything and I'm so weary emotionally, that I just feel defeated and sad. I won't go on and on about it....I'm so tired of being miserable. So tired of being the Bad News Girl.
So, it's another week. I sing at the Crab Shack Friday. Maybe I can work up a coupla tunes.
In the meantime, Papi Chulo becomes more established in my Tribe. His confidence level is better and he's in the mix when I pass out weenies.
I think I have to get him some special food. I think the dog food chunks I feed my boys are too big for his teeny mouth. So, today on the way home, I'll get him some "little dog" food.
That's about it for me. Not too much to say today. I'm trying hard to not be such a downer. I hate that. Still, this latest wave of depression is a tough one to push back.


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