Wednesday, August 02, 2006

March of the Penguins

Narrated by Morgan Freeman, Warner Brothers

I loved it! I was filled with so much respect and awe for those flightless birds. At the beginning they call it a story of love. I was so impressed how they trade off on "egg duties". They way they court each other was touching and gentle and so romantic! It's one of the most romantic things I think I've ever seen. The males go for about 4 months without eating a thing as they protect, nurture, and carry the egg in the deepest of deepest winters on Antarctica. It is a documentaty of nature at it's cruelest and at it's most gentle. I haven't even finished watching it. I will finish it tonight. Morgan Freeman does an exquisite job narrating. The music is so beautiful. Moving and lushly orchestrated. It's kind of new-age-y, and fits the film perfectly. This is a film the whole family can watch with no fear of having to explain anything inappropriate to the kiddos. Buy it, rent it, but whatever you do, don't deny yourself the experience of the March of the Penguins.


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