Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Corpus Sucks Big Green Donkey Dicks

Ho hum.... it's been the usual lately. Except for a few probs at the job. Even those are not totally unexpected.

Last week, my supervisor, let's call him MM, emailed me that we were going to have a meeting about a "complaint" with the Director. The Director put if off til this week so I didn't have a clue what was going. Since I am pretty nice to everybody I deal with here, I was at a loss what it was about.

Long story short, some parent complained about me and emailed the VP of the department. The VP was all put out and even wrote back and apologized. That was foolish in my mind, because I did nothing wrong. Monday, we met with the Director who was just all too vague about this alleged complaint. Everything was done so that I would provide them with a reason for this complaint. They must think I'm pretty stupid. She wanted me to provide a written account of the telephone conversation. Keep in mind that my boss was sitting behind me when this happened and if I'd been ugly to this silly woman, he'd have told me about it right then and there. So, I wrote a 3 page account and emailed it to the Director. I haven't heard anything more about it.

Ho hum.... so yesterday, this Director buys us all BBQ since it's some deadline or another and the other part of my department is in the weeds with lines of people at the cashier's window. Poor them. haha...
So, I go get my plate of BBQ (and it was most delish!!!) and while I'm there, I'm told by the evil wicked stupid women that work there, that I cannot get pie. Not at this time. Okay... I laugh it off. I jokingly tell this woman who got my name wrong one time, hello Norma. She responds, Hello Irma. We giggle, I take my plate and leave. I look up and my co-worker in the deparment is returning with her plate...and her pie. What the? So, I go and get me a slice of pecan pie.

I work very hard...too hard for the rest of the day. I get home and round up my sheets and go to the Kwik wash in Portland. Ah, my glam life.

I pick up a bit around the place, watch some TV and after Leno with Bill Mahar (I love this man!) I turn off the tube and crash.

I come in to work today and there's an email from MM to come see him in his office. Damn...those psychos across the room have said there was an incident. What incident? Well, it seems that FishEye (that's what I call her because she either has a thyroid condition or her contacts are too big for her eyes, she walks around bug-eyed all day , every day) has gone to the Director's office and complained that I had words with them. Again...What the? These psychos that work in the Cashier's office are grating on my last nerve. I have never worked with more ignorant, stupid, backward, dumb people in all my life!!!! They are Barrio Backward and stupid. They make me ashamed of my people. So, I tell MM there was no incident and if the Director wants to talk to me, bring it on. All this for a stinking $9 per hour. man, I gotta get back to Dallas. I hate it here so much. And it's making me drink too many sodas, eat too much of that excellent Tex-Mex food, and lay around too much.

So, MM tells me I should just watch my back and that these morons WILL turn everything I say into something that will get me in trouble. What a pile of shit this is. Welcome to Corpus Christi.

I have had to deal with mostly crappy stuff in Corpus Christi. An excess of stupid people, and excess of fleas, perverts, rapists, and knifings every night on the news, everybody's fat (including me), everything is about food, the pay sucks beyond belief, there are no jobs worth a shit here, and the drivers are beyond bad, neighbors without electricity, neighbors with a $650 water/gas bill and then start stealing water from me, starving puppies, starving dogs, people trying to steal my car, crack/meth heads across the street from me, 14 inches of rain, and the hurrican season isn't even over.

I hate the rat race, but will never complain about it again when I return to Dallas.


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