Monday, August 07, 2006

August 3, 2006 Thursday - Something Good, Something Bad

This is the shy Brownie. Vaya con Dios, perrita.

Well, last night was such a night of mixed emotions.

Last night, Brownie went to her new home. Adam, a chef at Joe's Crab Shack said he always wanted a chocolate lab but just couldn't see how he's ever come up with the fee for such a fabulous dog. He saw my ad "Free to a Good Home" and jumped on it. We waited until he had a day off and he came over the Harbor Bridge to claim her. Minutes earlier, I'd taken some doggie biscuits out to the big dogs - Black Dawg, Goldie, and Brownie. They just love those Old Roy biscuits from Walmart I get for $1.82. They polished off the whole bag! For a few days earlier, I'd been working on warming up Brownie. She was mistrustful of me. Prolly cuz she can hear me yelling at the seahuahuas inside the house. The Seahuahuas don't pay attention to anything I say unless I sound like I mean it. So, I'd been trying to gain her trust with weenies and biscuits. So, that night, as I slipped a biscuit in her mouth, I slipped a leash over her head. She only fought it for a moment and then went limp. I sat on the porch steps as she laid her big old head on my lap. I talked to her and stroked her head, neck, neck and body. I whispered sweet nothings like, "You're a good girl. You're going to a home you deserve where they will feed you well and love you. You'll have a little boy to play with. You're such a good girl. You're a lucky doggie now. You're had you're heart broken by those awful people, but that will never happen again." It was almost as if she understood what I was saying. When Adam got there he explained that his wife's mom ran a "no-kill" shelter in Lockhart. I couldn't have handpicked a better home. It's like MY prayers were answered. He picked her up gently and placed her inside the pick-up next to his little boy. I walked to my porch and noticed that the Black Dawg was staring at the pick-up. Black Dawg adores Brownie. Really loves her. He just stared as Adam drove off with Black Dawg's precious Brownie. Luckily, Goldie was around to amuse, entertain, and lead Black Dawg. Now, I just need to find a home for Goldie.

I was very happy and pleased that a home was found for such a good dog. I went to bed tired but very happy. Happier than I'd been in quite a while. It was good to see something good actually happening. And then, during Leno, I turned off the lights and TV and went to sleep. It wasn't long after that that I was awoken by the sudden stillness. No lights, air conditioning, anything. Damn. It was 11:15pm. For the rest of the night, I perspired, hell, I sweated like I hadn't in a long time. Around midnight, I went to get something cold to drink at the North Beach Whataburger. I sat in the car for a long, long time in the AC. I looked in the rear view during this time and saw the transformer blow. It was a very, very bright, electric blue glow and then BANG! All went dark and silent again. Sometime soon after, I went back inside and started the hourly ritual of showering in cold water. I couldn't open the windows because of the mosquitos and the fact that it's not the safest part of town. I was panting heavily along with my seahuahuas. It was horrible. I cried. I felt sick. I kept calling every coupla hours to see what the status was and every time I called they gave me a new ETA. Finally, as the sun was coming up and I was completely sick, I called and they gave me an ETA of 8am. I didn't believe them, but could hear the CPL workers talking on their walk-talkie radios until finally, gratefully, the power came on at 8:30am. I collapsed on my futon and it had been so hot in there that when my AC said it was 86 degress inside, it felt good. I passed out all day. I felt sick all day. I couldn't drink enuf water or sodas. Even the next day I felt sick and weak. I appreciate my electricity. I appreciate those CPL workers who worked all night long to make it work again. Everything smelled of sweat and was damp. My bedding, my clothes, my hair. It was just awful.


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