Wednesday, August 16, 2006

081606 Wednesday - Goldie's Gone

When I got home yesterday from work, Goldie was gone. The Black Dawg crawled out from under the house and was visably upset. He'd whine when I asked him where Goldie was. He whined after I fed him. He whined for about 2 hours off and on. It was the most pathetic, sad doggie song I've heard. He loves her so much.
He cried like that for about 2 days after he was "dropped off" at my place. He cried like that after I found Brownie a home. Now he's crying for Goldie. I would introduce him to my other dogs, but BlackDawg's so huge I'm afraid he might hurt them just in play. As for Papi Chulo, I'm afraid when he plays with the other 10 lb boys!
Goldie had a bad leg and was limping when I got home yesterday. She would let me look at it and check out her leg, but I didn't know what to do for her. I was hoping they'd stay close to the house yesterday, but true to their lifestyle, they had left to roam by the time I left for work. She hasn't returned.
The Black Dawg is beside himself. I made him a special doggie plate of Dog Chow mixed with a little can of potted meat. He would lick the potted meat off the top, but finally chowed down and ate the whole bowl of food. I'm hoping he stays close to the house today and doesn't take off looking for Goldie. I'll have to spend some time with him outside tonight and pay him some attention since she's gone.
My Tia Minnie suggested she may have had internal injuries besides the leg. It's possible. I have no idea what happened. I just hope she didn't die under the house. That would create some terrible kinds of problems.
I didn't sleep well. Aside from the BlackDawg situation, I saw a show on ABC called Outsiders. It was awful. They featured this man who thought he had a connection with some bears in Alaska and even managed to live successfully among them for 13 or so summers in the wild of Alaska. Finally, one older, 20 year old bear, eventually killed this man and his girlfriend. The pilot that discovered the bodies described seeing a bare rib-cage and the bear eating beneath, from inside it. When they were attacked, they left their camera running, tho the lenscap was on. It only recorded sound. They described it as the most horrible sounds that would haunt you for the rest of your life.
Lemme tell you...I bearly (ha-ha make that barely) slept all night. Each time I'd fall asleep, I dreamed bears eating out my insides. I couldn't sleep. When I finally did, I overslept and was late to work in the morning. What a horrible thing to have stick in my brain.
So, today, I'll only take a half hour for lunch and leave a half hour later than normal. I wish I'd never seen that show. I hope no kids were watching. I just can't watch anything gory anymore like when I was a kid or younger.
When I worked for CyberRamp, Rocky and I would read the newsgroups. There was one titled something like - binaries.grotesque. and it had videos and pix available of things like when they cut open an alligator and a human body is inside...or a snake or anything like that. Vids of people getting hit by trains and their bodies bouncing off... women with breast cancer who's breasts turned black and fell off... Now...I wouldn't dream of going to that newsgroup. I wouldn't be able to sleep.
Well, it's lunch time. Time for this State Employee to eat my tuna sandwich with my Vegetalls and tortilla chips side. Have yourself a good day and don't watch the gory stuff.... Please say a prayer for Goldie. She's a good dog.


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