Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Wednesday July 26, 2006

Relapse, I think. I feel nauseaus, headachy, and congested. I could sleep all day. Still, I think I'm enjoying this Michelina's chicken pasta 93 cent lunch. It's not bad.
Some woman here at work is going postal over the email proggy migration here on campus. She's all stressed out. The employees are professional. The IS Migration Team is calm and professional. This SECRETARY is rude and barking at people she doesn't need to be barking at. Normally, she's nice. Today - she's lost her mind. She's the boss's secretary, not second in command. Amazing.
I like Microsoft products. I'm not enuf of a tech-y to know better I guess. I don't get why people hate Bill Gates or Microsoft. He sounds pretty cool to me. Microsoft is fairly user friendly - to me. I think I'll like Office 2003.
I can't wait to get home. I'm gonna crash fairly fast, I think. As everything calms down at home, it's like I let myself be sick. I wouldn't let myself be sick while the evil-doers lived next door. Now, that they're gone, I can let my body be sick and then heal.
All the dogs are doing pretty good. The big outside females are gaining weight and not having to roam for food. They know there's food on the porch and they don't have to go look for it in trash cans or at the beach hotels. My seahuahuas have calmed down since they are not put on alert by the puppies outside. During the night, the outside female dogs have calmed down some. They have gotten used to the re-routed traffic that runs closer to the house. Traffic has been re-routed down to Seagull Lane as they repave and put in drainage on the big road that leads to Highway 181.
I'm tired. I'm convinced I have West Nile to tell you the truth. I have mosquito bites on top of older mosquito bites. It would not surprise me in the least.
Last night, in the evening, the mosquitos were gone. I was able to stand on my porch and just enjoy the sea breeze. The BlackDawg is just a playful pup. Everyone is a potential playmate to him. He was playing in the front with the 2 ourside females and it was so sweet just to watch him play.
A man in a big truck stopped by to ask about the house on the corner. He seemed nice. Maybe Middle Eastern. It's hard to tell down here since the Mexican demographic is high. Even the anglos have dark skin down here because everyone goes to the beach, fishes, or seems to do something outside.
I just want some quiet neighbors. I really don't want party-ers. Those other people that introduced themselves kind of set off internal alarms. They knew the "speed-lingo" a little too well. They knew that Paula was a speed freak and talked about her "tweaking". Now, how would they know that? So, I'm praying Sue does some screening of these people and good people move in.
I'm still not 100% so will keep this short. Life is better. I have no real complaints except that I wish I had more energy. Maybe I can catch up on sleep this weekend. I'll start tonight.


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