Monday, July 17, 2006

Water Thieves

Yes, my landlady was right. My neighbors are stealing my water. Saturday, when I checked my mail, I opened what I thought was my water bill. It was for $647!!!!! When I collected myself I noticed that it was for the Neighbors. Yup. There it was in black and white. Final Bill. Last date of service May 02, 2006. Water tampering fine. Water meter lock. Gas meter lock. They've been stealing water from me since May 02, 2006!!!!
So, I went and stuck my finger in the water spigot that faces the street. Dry as a bone. I went to get me some iced coffee and breakfast, a combination lock in Portland. When I got back I checked the spigot and it was wet. Yup. They are waiting for me to leave and prolly running a hose and filling up containers, toilets, tubs or whatever and helping themselves. That's all I needed. To provide water for a family of 5. They even do their laundry and hang it on the fence. With MY WATER. So, I leaned a broomstick against the spigot. The next time I looked, it looked like the broomstick was simply thrown on the side disrespectfully and there were drips of water. It's like they don't even care. It's like they're saying, WE WILL TAKE YOUR WATER.
I have no options here. If I manage to lock the spigot, that means their little kids will have NO water. Then, they will get very desparate. Desparate enuf to break into my house, steal from me, hurt my dogs, who knows? So, I will let them take my water.
I feel awful. The only reason they've been able to stay in that house without paying rent for 3 months, without electricity, is because they've had water. I've been unknowingly enabling them!
I hate to look at their toilets.


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