Monday, July 24, 2006

Today - Hanging In There - Not All Mountains Can Be Conquered I am in the throes of my limitations. I tried all last week to find a home for the 2 big dogs next door. No one cares. No one wants them. They are on borrowed time. It makes me so sad and sick that no one cares enuf to save them.
Today, the Sheriff is to come out with my landlady and make the eviction final. He won't come out if the 2 dogs are there and they will call the Pound. The landlady sez they've called the Humane Society and they will come out, but that doesn't ring true. I don't believe the Humane Society goes out anywhere to get dogs. There is nothing more I can do. She will take the pups to a farm where they will be fostered out. They are doing so much better. They are holding on to their weight now that they are fed on a regular basis. Houdini is downright fat! She escapes when she wants to gobble BlackDawg's food on the porch and drink his water. She goes back to the back yard when she's lonely for her littermates. She's very loving and quite a character. Even the big dogs are doing better in that they no longer roam looking for food now that they are fed well twice a day. It's such a shame. They would've made someone wonderful pets. I feel like a failure. Those dogs will die because I couldn't find them a home and no one cares.


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