Thursday, July 27, 2006

Thursday July 27, 2006

Well, my sense of peace was extremely shortlived. I met my across the street neighbors. The ones that want to move in to the newly vacant house. Oy. Let me just say they believe in better life thru chemicals. It's all they talked about. This chemical experience and that one. Nothing about thier jobs, or goals, or accomplishments.
I spent about an hour with them. I don't think they hold down any jobs. How do they pay their way then? Use your imagination. He talks about having all night BBQs. Oh yea... I want that next door to me. Oh yea... I want that kind of traffic right by my home. He let me know lots more, but prudence dictates I shouldn't spell it out here until I move. And yes, even tho I had decided to stay a few more months, I just that fast, changed my mind. I no longer feel safe. At all. I am depressed that I have to deal with that type people again. I was hoping to settle down for the winter and make it more if a home while I saved for the down on a motorhome. I will have to revise that plan. I feel so sad. I hate moving and I hate looking for a place even more.
I miss those few moments of elation just a few scant hours ago. I wonder if I'll ever be happy again.


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