Wednesday, July 19, 2006

They are gone, gone, gone

Wow...the nasty neighbors of the starving dogs, of the no electicity, of the stealing my water, of the "it's better because it's more caucasion" are gone.

They were to be evicted today. They received their notice yesterday of the court's decision yesterday because my landlady posted it on their door. It was in their mailbox, but they never check their mail.

When my landlady was in court, she told me a deputy called her out to the hall. It seems this neighbot, the "dad" was a deadbeat dad. They routinely ran his social security number and it came back that he had a warrant for his arrest. They were a no show in court so he was not arrested. The judge granted my landlady's request and he decreed they were to be evicted today, July 19th.

When I got home yesterday, they were not there, so I took the opportunity and fed the puppies. The little corner girl, 8 year old, came by looking for Allie. I told her they weren't there. She is a lonely little girl. No kids live in this neighborhood except for her now. I talked to her for a little while. She said she wanted one of the puppies. I advised her to never find herself alone with those men. She is 8 years old and I know she doesn't have a clue why I would say that.

I am just about of dog food again but fed the puppies as much as I could. They are emaciated again.

They got home at their usual time of 6:45ish. I saw her read the eviction notice and there was lots of movement inside their house. When I went out on to the porch, the 13 year old was standing there with a small backpack and a small tote bag. It prolly contained everything she owned. I really resent these parents for not working and supporting their kids. I went back inside and when I went back outside to get something from my car, they were all walking towards the trolley stop with duffel bags, back packs, and the kids. Jacob turned back and went back into the house. I could hear him looking for something. Shuffeling paper and such.

Around 7:30pm, I peeked out my window and a CCPD squad car was parked alongside my car. I saw the 2 officers walk on the porch, knock on their door, and ask "is everything ok in there?". Jacob answered the door. I backed into my house and looked out a crack in the door. There was talking. Jacob raised his hands in the air, then put them behind his back, then he was handcuffed. More time passed as I went to the window and waited for them to put him in the car. After what seemed like a long time to me, they walked him to the car and put him in the back seat.
After what seemed like another long time, they drove off on Seagull Lane and then turned on Coastal to make their way to the road that gets them on the Harbor Bridge.

I called my landlady and she said Paula was smoking a cig at the corner house. Waiting for Jacob I guess. I drove my car around the corner but she wasn't there. I met Jenna (the little corner girl)'s grandmother who agreed Paula was crazy. The Grandmother was too eager to talk all about Paula. Remind me to never reveal ANYTHING personal to acquaintances or strangers. She told me Paula was staying at the Salvation Army shelter and left because she had to be there before 9pm. She was there waiting for Jacob. They do have money for a cell phone and cigarettes but no money for electricity, water, dog food or rent. The Grandmother even told me Paula was still breast-feeding the 2 year old. Prolly so she won't have to buy food. She said she guessed Jacob must've done something because the Police hauled him away. I mentioned that the PD doesn't haul away people for no reason. We talked for a little while and then I came home and locked myself away. I was exhausted.

I slept better than I had in a long time. I got maybe about 6 hours sleep. Their big dogs are confused. They were quiet during the night. They puppies were quiet this morning. I dropped them a bunch of cat food over the fence to eat. I gave the big dogs a loaf of questionable bread so they at least could eat something. I feel to sad for the dogs who did nothing wrong but belong to the wrong people.

I will try to place the 2 big female dogs with a no-kill shelter. It looks like the Chocolate Lab named Brownie is pregnant again. They are both so damn skinny.

Well, I'd best get back to work. They do expect me to get some actual work done.

I'll fill you in on the latest tomorrow. I did get some decent sleep last night. It had been a long time since I'd slept more than 1 hour at a time. I hope it continues.


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