Wednesday, July 05, 2006


starring - George Clooney, Chris Cooper, Matt Damon, William Hurt, some great Middle Eastern actors I don't know

The Oscar went to George Clooney as Best Supporting Actor

Wow. What a great movie! I was riveted the whole time. I enjoyed watching the Mid Eastern scenery. There is one part not for the squeemish when Clooney's character is tortured. Clooney seemed to have gained about 20-30 lbs for the role. Even so, than man is not hard on the eyes. There is a surprise ending. Matt Damon was pretty darn good, too. It haunts you. I hate the way things work in politics and the oil business. I thought it was a damn good movie.

I really like George Clooney's work. Except for Batman and Solaris, I don't think he's ever put out crappy stuff. Perfect Storm, Three Kings, Dusk to Dawn (Directed by Robert Rodriguez of Austin), Out of Sight (with Jennifer Lopez) all count in my favorite films list.

I'd say watch it. Maybe watch it twice since you know what will happen next.


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