Wednesday, July 12, 2006

She's My Hero - Sue, My Landlady

She's my hero. Yesterday when I left work I drove home over the Harbor Bridge and met Sue at the Circle K on North Beach. There, she gave me a 20 lb bag of Dog Chow for the puppies. She also gave me a bunch of coupons for free tacos at the Laredo Company at other Circle Ks. Cool. That's where I get breakfast tacos everyday until I start my diet sometime in the near future.
When I got home, the neighbors weren't home, so I dropped about 4 cups of Dog Chow over the fence. I get the feeling all they eat are leftover scraps from my neighbors, so I seriously doubt they are getting the protein they need for their growing little bones. They looked emaciated again, so, I am hoping there isn't anything more seriously wrong with them. I keep my seahuahuas home to keep them from catching any diseases that may be in the air from stray dogs and these puppies. They scarfed up most of those 4 cups of dog food. They do look better and don't have that look of panic starving dogs have. They ate until they couldn't eat anymore and just flopped bellies to the dirt to rest from all that eating. Poor puppies.
I then went to Taco Bell in Portland to get something to eat. I still didn't feel up to snuff. Just feel tired, worn out and on the verge of getting sick. When I rounded the corner to my place, I saw the neighbors talking to the corner house people. Paula glared at me. I was getting out of my car when I heard Alex the 13 year old saying, "She doesn't have any reason to ...." as she got home from the corner and went inside. The kid from the corner must've told them I was taking pix of the pups. If they ask, I'm gonna tell them they were pix of Black Dog to find him a home and that the kid just didn't understand.
So, this morning, I dropped another 4 cups of food over the fence. I hope they don't do anything to my shack or my dogs. I piled stuff in front of my back door.
When I got to work this morning, I checked the want ads and found one for a lost lab. I called the number. The lady that answered said that she already found her dog. Damn. I was really hoping I'd found Black Dog's home. I'll place an ad and time it so that it comes out in Sunday's paper when I think they have the most readers.
In the meantime, Black Dog is just a big old dog. He's very loving and wants to play. He takes my hand in his mouth and holds it. He puts his giant paw on my leg and circles me. He's one sweet big old dawg.
Anybody want a big hearted Black Dawg?


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