Monday, July 24, 2006

Reprieve for the Big Dogs

Well, the Sheriff came out with the Dog Catcher. They took the puppies since they are considered Paula's property. I have hope that they will be adopted since they look so much better, so much healthier than before. The big dogs however, could not be found! I bet they were hiding under my house! I hope so. I think as long as they are fed they won't go roaming and looking for food. I will do my best to get them into the Humane Society or find a rescue group that may be able to help. I feel slightly better. The puppies may live on the basis of their cuteness. They have 3 days to be adopted out before the city kills them. Pray for those little guys.
Wait a minute... in Dallas, about 14 years ago, I lost my little dog Binkie. I was brushing my teeth one birthday when I looked and he was gone. Gone forever. I would go every 3 days to see if he was at the Pound, but he never was. I spotted this little Apso/Schnauzer mix and asked the folks there if I could adopt him. They told me his people had been evicted and that they had 30 days to get their dog. So, I kept going to the shelter every 3 days for about a month. The little gray dog was still there. I asked them if I could adopt him since it had been 30 days. They said they were gonna give his people one more chance. I called them 3 days later and no one had claimed him. I told them I lost my dog, he lost his people, hook us up! So, I adopted Schultzie. He lived with me til he died of old age in 2002. I had him for 11 years. So, maybe, they will hold these pups for 30 days and then try to adopt them out... I hope so. They stand a better chance of getting a home that way. I can only hope. Maybe someone like me will come along and fall in love with them they way I fell in love with Schultzie. Pray for these doggies. They did nothing wrong and don't deserve to die.


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