Friday, July 21, 2006

OMG! It's Friday!

*yawn* wow... I feel tired today. I heard noises in the empty house next door in the wee hours this morning. I have been getting better sleep, but, this morning, I almost called in sick. I have a sore throat and congestion and the inside of my ears is tender. Waaaaaaaa!
I shall sing at Joe's Crab Shack on Shoreline tonight. I'll try to nap this afternoon when I get home, tho, that may just make me MORE tired.
Those neighbors left quite a mess. I took a peek in the window yesterday and it is about a foot deep of stuff and junk in there. I did not go in.
I just want all this behind me. I'm trying to get Sue to let's hurry and get those puppies where they are supposed to be. I'm getting exhausted feeding 11 dogs twice a day. I'm gonna try the PeeWee Shelter again. I've heard nothing but bad things about them. That they are rude. That they grill prospective adoptive pet people mercilessly. My own sister had a bad experience when she went to adopt Jack her little terrier. I will do my best for those two female dogs, but can only do what I can do. JackBauer will stay until I move. He serves a good purpose being seen at my house.
This morning I patted his side. I pat my other dogs all the time. Love pats. But, I think JackBauer's been beaten. I patted his side and he so, so gently took my hand in his big mouth as if to say, "please don't". Poor dog. I won't pat him.
Well, I'm off. I'm tired. My head and throat are now hurting. I wish I could go home, but I'm in my first 6 months here so I'll suffer.


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