Monday, July 10, 2006

Monday Monday July 10, 2006

I'm tired. I'm sleepy. Too many dogs barking in the night and me not being able to tell if it's other dogs or trespassers.

Sometime in the past coupla days, a beautiful black lab has appeared at my sea shack. He looks kinda young. Very tame. Let's me pet his head while he eats. He howls during the night. I guess he misses his former home. I dunno if my neighbor's dog is in heat again, or if he just ran off on the beach, or if some a**hole dumped him at my door. He's very sweet. I just call him "Black Dog". He eats alot. Compared to my 4 seahuahuas, it's a huge amount of food. Take into account that I'm feeding my neighbor's dogs from time to time, it's more than I can afford. The 4 puppies next door are skinny. This weekend I dropped a whole bunch of puppy bisquits I got real cheap at the Walmart. I bought extra weenies and they puppies were given some of those. I gave weenies to the new boy - Black Dog. My dogs don't understand and don't like all this food going out the front door. Or that sweet baby talk I'm giving to the Black Dog. It's funny to me how they have the money for cigarettes yet can't manage to get the electricity on or feed their dogs. I must sound like an awful person, but I can't understand it. When I was unemployed, I survived on some awful stuff called Hill Country brand from HEB. It's their generic brand. While some stuff is not so bad, other stuff is just awful. I was forced to feed my seahuahuas the Hill Country brand dog food. Bubba lost hair. Their little stomachs were upset. But, I did not even put myself above them. I ATE the HEB stuff, too! HEB tuna and mac, HEB tortillas, HEB everything. We all ate crappy food. And there was no money for movie rentals, diet sodas, nuffin! It's a good thing that now, I am able to buy them Iams. I miss the Muenster Dog Food I usta get in Dallas. It's very nutrient rich and costs about the same, but you can't get it here in CC. So, I don't understand how there can be money for cigarettes when the ribs are poking thru the puppies bellies.
I called my Landlady - Sue - and we have a plan. She's taking the neighbors to court next Monday on the 17th for eviction. When they are gone, we're gonna put the puppies on a website along with Black Dog and we're gonna find them a home. I found out that the Humane Society will KILL dogs they have longer than 7 days. Real Humane, huh? I think they have a no kill shelter here in CC and will check into that. They will probably put the 2 big female dogs in the pound as well. It worries me so. If I have to drive them to San Antonio to a no-kill shelter, I will.

It's heartbreaking to hear Black Dog crying out for the family he misses. The next step is to check the newspaper to see if someone's lost a black lab. I will make up a sign and hang it on my fence that I have a found dog. Then, if no one claims him, I will find a home for him. This is my project. He's a very sweet doggie. Anybody out there want a sweet doggie?

So, I am weary today. I am disappointed with my fellow humans for what they've done to this poor dog. He seems so lost emotionally. I wish I could keep him but that would be nothing short of insane. I can't handle 5 dogs financially and have to no plan for an extra dog should we get a hurricane and I have to evacuate. I mean, if I had the money and land I would prolly get myself in trouble because I haven't met a dog I didn't love.

Anyway, that's what's on my mind today. I didn't really do anything this weekend except laundry. I saw Syrianna again. Great flick. I dropped off a suitcase of clothes I can't wear at the Goodwill. Returned the movie. Drank lotsa coffee. Was mostly bored and worried.

I'd like to send a shout-out and big appreciation hug to Angelia and ShyAngel for their kind words of encouragement. They do me so much good as I am stuck here in CC. Anyway, I gotta clock back in from lunch. I'll write more tomorrow and see what updates I can give on the Black Dog.

Anybody want a great, lovable, sweet Black Dog?


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