Thursday, July 20, 2006

Met prospective new neighbors

When I got home from work yesterday, I met Sue out front where she generously gave me a 20lb bag of dog chow. The puppies appeared to have eaten recently. They had bulging bellies. There was the smell of caramel permeating the yard. I don't get it. Why caramel? There was some puppy diahrrea but surely that wasn't the caramel smell...hmmm... I still tossed about 2 cups of Dog Chow over the fence so they could munch during the night.
I fed Black Dawg a.k.a. JackBauer. Goldie was hungry so I fed her, too and left some Chow out for Brownie. Brownie is so shy. I'm gonna work on gaining her trust. It will be necessary in case I have to get her in a car to get her to a no-kill shelter.
I guess Paula brought some left-overs from the Salvation Army. The puppies HAD eaten.
I watched the Final Episode of the L Word. I like that show. It centers around the lives of several lesbians in LA. It's got some very good story lines and this episode featured the music of Betty and Heart! I've been a Heart fan for many, many years so I enjoyed that part of it. Tina had her baby but the way the show ended, we don't know if she's going to live. Jenny is going thru some kinda psychological break-down. Bette got fired while she was burying her father. Gloria Steinem attended Bette's father's funeral. Those are my favorite storylines of the show, but overall it's a very entertaining show.
TV sucked last night. I saw a new show called Criminal Minds that was fairly good. It was set in Mexico and was about a serial killer that killed older women and wore a dress. It ended when the women of the pueblo set a trap and took a knife to him. One of them said, "He always wanted to be a woman. Now he is one." Wow, justice a la Lorena Bobbitt.
It ended with a Mexican proverb - "A house is not built on land, but on a woman." Or something like that...
Around 10:30pm I went outside to the porch to check on things before I turned in. My across the street neighbor, Marty, came over and introduced himself. I met his wife, too. His dog, Bud, has been missing for a day. He thinks Paula stole him. I explained that Paula and her kids were staying at the Salvation Army and they don't allow pets. I think someone stole him. He's a very outgoing friendly dog. He REALLY wants to move into Paula's house. It will be nice to get neighbors quickly. I don't like being alone on that corner. They seem nice and he told me he's lived across the street for 1.5 years. He's lived in North Beach for 4 years. He likes living near the water. I hope Bud comes home. Marty's heart seems broken.
Around 4am, I heard sounds like someone was in the house next door. No dogs barking tho. Around 4:30am, tho, the dogs did start barking and didn't let up until about 6am. So, I don't know if someone was still in the house when I left for work.
I hate that. Once I'm gone, my place is a sitting duck. I wonder if my neighbors work. I wonder what they do. I guess we'll all find out real soon.


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